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International Travel Insurance

International Travelers Insurance Company is pleased to offer tourists of all types, located anywhere on the globe, professional travel insurance international on the most favorable terms. And this isn't just talk!

Over the years in the insurance market, our team has conducted extensive analytical and research work to compile the very best of what's available in international tourist insurances into one service. Therefore, we can now confidently say that the best travel insurance for international travel is prepared for you.

Unrestricted Travel: for Pregnancy, for Seniors, for International Students

We pay special attention to the complete absence of even the slightest discrimination and infringement of rights concerning all categories of tourists. This includes their citizenship, age, social status, health, and any other factors.

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International Travel Insurance for Seniors

Unfortunately, as people approach their senior years, their health does not become stronger - such is life. Even sadder is the fact that many insurance companies are less willing to issue policies to older citizens.

This approach might be economically justified, but it's hardly customer-oriented. Such principles often lead to international travel health insurance for seniors becoming either excessively expensive or completely inaccessible at a certain age - say, for over 70's.

If a tourist is over 75, the likelihood of getting the best international travel insurance for seniors diminishes significantly.

Note! All these restrictions do not apply to ITI clients. Our international health insurance for travel is available even for those over 80, and even for people approaching their centennial!

No age restrictions, no barriers to visiting new places and getting unforgettable experiences even for senior citizens - that's one of our principles in working with elderly tourists.

Family International Travel Insurance

Our service offers excellent opportunities not just for individual insurance. You can also buy travel insurance for international travel for the whole family, whether you're planning a family vacation or other trips abroad, including regular ones.

Such a policy has no special features or disadvantages - it simply allows you to save more time and money on paperwork and payments. One international health insurance for travelers - and the whole family is under reliable protection!

International Group Travel Insurance

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Another option is insurance for organized tourist groups. This insurance for international travel is perfect for Schengen visas and other cases where not just an individual or family, but a group of acquaintances or strangers, including those conducting international business, are traveling.

Cheap International Travel Insurance for Foreign Students

And of course, our service does not overlook students - both those studying in other countries and those traveling during vacations. Every student can choose the necessary set of insurance services and get the required level of protection.

Why choose our insurance company?

No hidden clauses in the contract

Quick processing

The cheapest price of worldwide coverage

Comparison of Insurance Policies by Price, Duration, and Other Factors

Before you purchase international travel insurance, it's useful to conduct a brief analysis to determine which option will be most beneficial for your specific case. To compare the duration of their effectiveness, consider the following parameters:

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  1. Insurance Term - the length of time during which the insurance policy provides protection. Some policies may be short-term (e.g., for a day or a week), while others may be long-term (for a year or more). This is a basic criterion for choosing trip insurance for international travel.
  2. Total Cost of International Travel Health Insurance - This aspect directly depends on the previous one. The duration of the insurance term usually linearly affects the price of the policy. The longer the term, the more risks the insurance covers, and the more expensive it will be.
  3. Insurance Frequency - Some companies offer the option to buy international travel health insurance with annual renewals, while others may operate continuously until an insurance event occurs.
  4. Policy Type - Different policies have different durations. For example, car insurance usually lasts one year, while life insurance may last 20 or more years.
  5. Purpose of Insurance - Depending on what the insurance policy is used for (car insurance, home insurance, medical insurance, etc.), its duration can vary.

To make it easier to understand the nuances, we have prepared a summary table for you, which includes a comparison of all the subtleties of choosing such a product as one-time travel insurance for an international trip, annual international travel insurance, and another policy option that also has some distinctive features - this is multi-use insurance for international travelers.

Policy TypeProsFeatures
Single-use (short-term medical insurance for international travel)This is the cheapest international travel insurance.- Starts at $1.50 per day. That is, you will pay the least amount of money. The most costly option if you travel more than 5 times a year, as international travel insurance cost per each day of stay abroad does not have discounts like long-term policies.
Multi-use international insurance for travelAllows you to get more favorable terms in terms of price and saves time on policy paperworkSuch health insurance for international travel is a good option if you definitely plan more than 5 trips a year.
International travel insurance for one year or moreThe best international health insurance for travel for those who are constantly on the moveThe most affordable price per day, a 10% discount when purchasing the policy, and the possibility of VIP conditions for long-term contracts (two or more years).

Whatever your choice, a policy from our insurance company is international travel insurance that covers COVID-19 even in the most budget-friendly option. That is, even basic travel insurance for international travel makes trips comparatively comfortable and safe.

The More Options International Travelers Insurance Offers - the More Comprehensive the Protection

Reliable protection during trips is not just about international medical insurance for travel. There are many other unpleasant situations related to financial risks.

airplane taking off in the background

Important! Such nuances include, for example, personal liability, where you protect yourself from harm to third parties. Or medical evacuation insurance, which is especially relevant for extreme travelers and individuals with a less than ideal pre-existing medical condition.

Also important may be insurance for baggage, gadgets, cancel for any reason, and many others. International travel insurance for multiple countries is essential if a large trip is planned.

How to Obtain an International Tourist Insurance Policy

We strive to ensure our services are not only comprehensive and affordably priced but also convenient to purchase. Therefore, you can buy international travel insurance right here and now, online.

The policy will be just as reliable and valid worldwide as one purchased by visiting an offline office. Our method is significantly faster and somewhat cheaper since online-purchased international travel medical insurance for international visitors from all countries minimizes insurer expenses, allowing for more affordable pricing on all services.

A great offer, right? And even more - our service's international travel insurance quotes are an excellent choice for your best trip in many years! Whether you need annual multi-trip international travel insurance or are planning a short vacation, we can help.


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Where to buy international travel insurance?

You can purchase a policy providing international travel health insurance in three main ways - visit an insurance company office, call an insurance agent to your home, or order a certificate online. If you have stable internet, the latter is the most convenient, fastest, and affordable option.

However, to ensure savings don't turn into losses, it's crucial to carefully choose a company that guarantees your medical insurance for international travel isn't a fake and will genuinely be your reliable protection anywhere on the planet. Such travel insurance for international travel is already waiting for you at the online service of the International Travelers Insurance Company.

Should you buy travel insurance for international travel?

Every insurer and experienced traveler will unequivocally answer this question - yes. Again, yes. And once more, yes. The cost of international medical travel insurance (including COVID coverage) is much lower compared to the coverage provided by international medical insurance for travelers.

And if the policy includes not just medical but also additional options, the protection is significantly enhanced.

And of course, we never tire of repeating that the simplest and most accessible way to issue a certificate is to buy international travel insurance online.

How to get international travel insurance in the USA?

It's very simple - immediately after submitting the application and paying for international traveling insurance for American and for non-US citizens, it will be sent to you as an attachment in an email to the address provided during the application process.

You just need to print it out or save it on your gadget to have it on hand - that's it! Isn't this method of receiving the best international travel insurance out of all possible options? Therefore, such international travel insurance reviews are only positive.