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Among the many directions of insurance, insurance for travel to Greece for tourists and travelers has always been important. Some people go to seaside resorts, others are attracted to sightseeing tourism. Some guests come to the country for work or business, education, or even sports. Every year, people turn to the company in need of insurance for a visa to Greece online, covering all major risks, including coronavirus.

Coverage of Main Risks. Health and Life Insurance

Basic health insurance for a visa to Greece is a standard requirement for any guest of a European country. If you are traveling abroad to a resort in 2023/2024, in addition to the main problems that people face, you also need to consider the possibility of contracting Covid-19. Accordingly, your travel insurance to Greece should include coverage for Covid-19 treatment, necessary diagnostic procedures, and hospitalization if necessary.

A photo of an incredible view of the island of Santorini, one of the most visited places on Instagram in Greece, the photo shows a view of the sea, mountains and beautiful houses

In general, travel insurance to Greece includes a number of traditional items:

  • Calling or consulting a doctor.
  • Emergency dental care.
  • Providing professional assistance in case of an accident.

Experts remind us that insurance for a visa to Greece should be arranged taking into account your individual health characteristics. These include recent or chronic illnesses, individual reactions and allergies. Also, if your vacation time falls on the hot summer months, you need to consider the risks associated with high temperatures.

Additional risks

For many, a trip to Greece is associated with an active vacation. Accordingly, it is necessary to purchase a reliable and versatile policy that would cover various risks associated with your activities and extreme entertainment. This can include diving, operating a jet ski, mountain climbing, and much more. All of this is additionally included in the cost of the tourist insurance in Greece to cover expenses if necessary. It is even possible to add search and rescue operations and helicopter transportation to a hospital.

If you are applying for a multiple-entry visa with a stay in the country for more than a month, it is recommended to get an insurance policy with coverage of at least 50,000 euros or more. If you need such insurance for Greece, you can buy it online on our website.

Although Greek medical prices are more favorable compared to Western Europe, without comprehensive insurance coverage, many services will be an insurmountable burden on the budget of the holidaymaker.

ServicePrice (EUR)
Doctor’s visit (call-out)60
Specialist consultation70-100
Hospitalization per day without treatment and meals150-250

Insurance of property during the trip

When purchasing insurance for Greece, the price may include risks for both your property and the property of third parties. In the first case, we are talking about the loss or damage of luggage due to the fault of airport staff, train stations, etc. In the second case, it’s about the liability of the insured. For example, if you accidentally break a rented car or someone’s storefront.

Cancellation of a trip to Greece

Your online insurance for Greece can solve many problems and prevent various financial losses. For example, if your flight to Athens was canceled for some reason.

A photo of one of Greece's major landmarks, the Parthenon in Athens during sunset

Another option that can also be included in the policy optionally is non-departure or non-arrival due to force majeure circumstances for vacationers. That is, situations where they cannot be in the airport on time.

It is profitable and convenient to insure with us. You can see this by reading numerous reviews about the work of our employees.


How much does travel insurance to Greece cost?

The cost is determined by the duration of the trip, coverage, deductible, and other factors.

Is travel insurance necessary for Greece?

Yes, you will need to purchase a medical insurance policy before traveling abroad.

What are the requirements for a visa insurance in Greece?

No deductible. Coverage limit of at least 50,000 EUR. Valid for the entire duration of the stay + 15 days. Valid in all Schengen countries. Coverage includes general medical assistance, hospitalization, and repatriation.

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