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For now, you can easily buy online travel insurance to Turkey on the website. And do it without even getting out of bed. We offer several types of insurance policies for different kinds of tourists. For example, it can be insurance for pregnant women, athletes, and active rest lovers in Turkey. You can also cover other risks while traveling.

Trip cancellation insurance: essential terms and clauses of the contract

beautiful photo on the Istanbul pier in the tourist part of the city in Turkey with beautiful blue sky and flying seagulls over the sea

Weather conditions, discrepancies, or even a bomb threat are not a complete list of reasons for flight cancellation or rescheduling. So, trip cancellation insurance to Turkey has become common for our clients. 

Trip cancellation insurance is for everyone who will travel with you, including young children. There are various clauses mentioned in the contract which affect the price and coverage.

Let’s take a look at what items may be in your policy:

  1. Visa denial (primary, secondary).
  2. Medical treatment, an injury caused a postponement of a trip abroad. 
  3. Summons, military subpoena.
  4. Loss or theft of documents. 
  5. Flight delay or cancellation. 

You can specify other conditions that could hinder travel abroad.

If you need travel insurance to Turkey, fill out a simple form on our website. Specify the expected date of departure on the ticket.

It’s better to take out additional insurance in case of luggage loss at the airport. We don’t evaluate things individually because we insure luggage as a whole.

Covid travel insurance to Turkey: what risks should be covered by the policy

The best Covid  travel insurance to Turkey has coverage for all essential costs:

  • Diagnosis.
  • Outpatient or inpatient treatment.
  • Payment for medications.

Consider that in case of illness, the tourist may stay in the host country longer than planned. Therefore, extended health insurance to Turkey should include this period (accommodation, treatment, meals). Consequently, Covid travel insurance to Turkey is also a risk of cancellation of previously bought tickets.

You can consult and find out what additional costs cover health insurance to Turkey, the price per month, and get answers to other questions. Before contacting us, you can read tourist comments about our company.

Active rest in Turkey: who needs to include this item in the insurance policy

People going on vacation in 2023 to warm seaside countries often want to swim, dive or ride something, not just to lie under an umbrella. This creates a certain likelihood of various injuries and damage. Accordingly, for a flight abroad, you need to prepare insurance protection against such incidents in advance. 

A photo taken in one of the most Instagrammed places in Turkey, Cappadocia, with many balloons flying in the background

Let’s consider travel insurance to Turkey for extreme entertainment lovers. What could it be? 

  • Scuba diving (deep-sea diving).
  • Rafting (rafting on rivers in mountainous areas).
  • Yachting in Turkey (if you plan such activities).
  • Mountain climbing and skydiving.

Insurance policy should include the risk associated with any activities that fall into the “extreme” category: quad bikes, scuba diving, etc. 

If you take children with you,  take out an insurance policy for them. Good insurance for a child in Turkey will cover the risks of possible injuries. The younger the children, the more likely it is that something can happen to them. Statistically, the risk groups include kids from 3 to 6 and teenagers up to 12 years old. Naturally, the likely problems at different ages will differ, and thus the price of the policy. 

Our offers several insurance packages for people traveling to popular Turkish resorts. While the simplest one covers only basic medical insurance, the most advanced one covers hospitalization, accidents, and repatriation. In addition, progressive insurance covers loss of luggage, flight cancellation, and other unforeseen factors.


Do I need travel insurance to Turkey?

A traveler doesn’t need insurance in Turkey. However, a tourist should consider additional risks. It can be a trip cancellation or problems related to Covid. If you’re planning extreme entertainment, make insurance to Turkey, considering possible injuries. Accordingly, the cost of the policy with “sports/extreme” coverage will be a bit higher.

How to use insurance in Turkey?

Please inform us of the insurance case, and get a consultation.

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