Kolobrzeg, entrance to the port - panoramioLIFEHACKS
Top 5 Best Countries for a Budget Trip
If you think travel is expensive, maybe you should just choose a different country. If you don’t know which one, don’t worry!
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A first-person photo of a hand holding a small globe against a backdrop of beautiful landscapes and mountainsLIFEHACKS
Single Trip and Multi Trip Travel Insurance: What is the Difference
Planning an upcoming vacation for many travelers is as much a pleasure as the trip itself. The anticipation of travel gives an instant burst of happiness
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a picture of a lot of lightning in the oceanBLOG
Top 9 Most Mysterious Places on Earth
Surely you have guessed that our world is not as simple as it seems at first glance. There is a lot of mysticism, mysteries and riddles, which scientists
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Photo of the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park in CroatiaEUROPE
Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia — Travel Guide
Year after year, regardless of the season, Croatia remains one of the most popular tourist destinations. The Adriatic coast attracts tourists with its
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Bosphorus Bridge in IstanbulEUROPE
Top 30 Places to Visit in Istanbul
Istanbul is definitely a city of contrasts: there is Europe and Asia, Islam and Christianity, Eastern history and modern metropolis. 
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very beautiful photo of houses on the shore on the background of mountains in the clouds, roofs of houses covered with mossEUROPE
Travel to Faroe Islands: Top 22 Locations for your Trip
The Faroe Islands are a land of sheep, dead-ends and houses with grass on the roof. Did you know that in Faroese the name of the archipelago means “
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