Travel Insurance for Belgium

Belgium is one of the most popular tourist destinations. There is plenty to see – architecture, museums, technology, authentic breweries, and more. However, currently it is not possible to enter another country, including Belgium, without health insurance, which was previously perceived by many travelers as a formality.

Where to buy travel insurance for Belgium

Photo of the domes of Leuven Town Hall in Belgium from the side of Bondgenotenlaan Street

Our insurance company offers quality coverage with the option to purchase your policy online through our website. We provide assistance in any country around the world and can be reached via Viber, Telegram, and WhatsApp 24/7.

What’s included in medical insurance for Belgium? In case of an accident or illness without medical insurance, healthcare costs for foreigners in Belgium can be extremely expensive. Diagnostic procedures, hospitalization, and medication can cost thousands of euros. With insurance, you can save money and receive timely assistance. Our insurance company handles all financial matters related to medical care.

Medical insurance to Belgium

Medical insurance to Belgium covers:

  • health issues that require outpatient medical care;
  • health issues that require urgent and round-the-clock medical care for inpatient treatment;
  • complications related to influenza;
  • injuries, burns, dislocations, fractures;
  • diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.
beautiful photo of Bruges in Belgium at the monument and beautiful houses

Trip cancellation insurance

Trip cancellation insurance is a convenient and very popular service, especially for families planning a trip or departure. You could lose a significant amount of money if your trip does not take place due to unforeseen circumstances. Not all companies agree to include this clause in the contract and refund the money for unused tickets. The insurance company compensates and refunds the ticket price.

Baggage insurance

You can insure your belongings for the flight or for the entire trip. Sometimes luggage is lost or delayed. We insure luggage, regardless of the country you are traveling to, and provide 24/7 support – by phone or messenger, and reimburse you on your bank card as soon as possible.

How to get travel insurance for Belgium

You can get insurance in less than 5 minutes online. On the website or in the chatbot – your choice. Enter the policy term, policyholder information, and pay the amount calculated by the online calculator. Payment by bank card or through a convenient messenger. After payment, the policy is sent to your email. If there is an insurance case, the policyholder needs to contact the company by phone indicated in the document, report the incident, and provide their name, surname, phone number, and policy number.

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