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Health insurance in South Korea for tourists is a guarantee of free and timely medical services at the expense of the insurance company. It is also necessary for obtaining a visa when submitting documents to the consulate. If you need to issue a permit to enter South Korea, and for this you need insurance – you can buy it on our website online.

Medical insurance in South Korea: what cases are covered

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Travel medical insurance must necessarily cover treatment for the COVID-19 coronavirus, hospitalization and observation. It also provides for a number of other cases:

  • burns, frostbite;
  • treatment of acute respiratory infections and complications;
  • fractured limbs, sprains, sprains;
  • robbery;
  • receiving injuries from animals;
  • exacerbation of allergies;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • explosion, lightning, electric shock.

For an additional low fee on the insurance company’s website you can insure your luggage against loss, damage, rail and air tickets (cancellation, delay, flight postponement), package tour.

The cost of travel insurance in South Korea

We offer to get insurance at the best price on this website. Our task is to provide medical care in South Korea in case of insured events so that the client does not pay for treatment, medicines, transportation to the hospital, as well as to make the purchase of insurance a simple procedure. Therefore, you can obtain an insurance policy in South Korea from the comfort of your home, in less than five minutes.

Pay attention!
The price depends on the age of the insured and the period of insurance validity. The minimum policy term is two days.

How to buy insurance in South Korea online

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First, choose a rate – read the list of insured events, and make a choice. After that, you need to fill in the data of the insured and the term of the insurance. Then pay online or via messenger for the cost of insurance, and receive an electronic policy by email. If an insured event occurs, you should report it to the hotline or via Viber, WhatsApp, or Telegram.


Do you have the option to extend your coverage to South Korea later, after payment?

You have the right to supplement your insurance policy. To do so, you should contact us via chatbot or messenger.

What about sports injuries? Do they have health insurance coverage in South Korea?

It is recommended that you take out “sports” insurance for your upcoming outdoor activities. This will cover the cost of treating sports injuries.

What if my passport has been changed before I travel to South Korea?

You must notify the company of any changes in the passport details of the policy holder in order for the policy to remain valid.

Is the insurance valid in countries other than South Korea?

The insurance is valid only within the countries indicated in the document.

Is it necessary to undergo a medical examination before taking out medical insurance for a trip to South Korea?

You do not need to undergo a medical exam before you travel to get insurance.

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