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If during 2023-2024 you’re planning to leave and you need insurance in Israel, the company’s specialists will help you to arrange the policy. Travel insurance services are available online. 

When you need overseas travel insurance covering all possible expenses, you just need to choose one of the packages presented on our web-site. 

A simple and convenient service allows you to arrange insurance in Israel in just a few minutes, right on the screen of your computer or gadget. After providing the necessary documents, you will receive a policy in the form of a downloadable file. Further, if necessary, medical insurance in Israel can be printed out on paper.

What is included in a health insurance policy

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Before traveling abroad, the traveler should insure against major health risks. Basic medical insurance in Israel should include coverage under Covid-19. Here it is worth specifying that the insurance for a trip to Israel should cover not only covid treatment, but also stay in hospital, if required.

It is also worth remembering that if the trip is planned for summer, you should consider all the risks typical of the local climate. During the holidays you can overheat, get sunstroke. The elderly, young children, anyone who suffers from heart disease, hypertension are at risk. So that the insurance in Israel online should include protection for all the risks associated with your health status, known problems, chronic diseases.

In addition, medical insurance to enter Israel should cover accidents. In some situations, the person needs to be taken to a clinic or even sent back home. The price includes diagnosis, treatment, doctor on call, telephone consultation, prescription and purchase of medication, and emergency dental care.

ServicePrice in USD
CT, MRI900-1300
Doctor call at home50-70
Root canal treatment (1 tooth)400 + anesthesia

Additional health or life risks

Additional categories insured optionally include events related to outdoor activities, extreme entertainment and sports. If you’re planning a vacation at sea, with deep sea diving, your health insurance for a trip to Israel must be taken out with additional clauses. Similarly, when riding a yacht, jet ski, etc.

Important! Given the tense situation in the country, it is recommended to include the risk of terrorism in the policy, especially for the Gaza Strip and surrounding areas.

Lost Luggage Coverage

Even the price of insurance in Israel may include compensation for material damage if your belongings are lost or damaged at the airport, train station. Such cases are rare, but do not rule them out. 

Civil liability

If you are going to rent a car or other equipment, it is recommended to buy insurance in Israel, which would cover your liability for its damage or destruction. Insurance may also include indemnification for damage to third parties. 

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Your travel medical insurance for traveling to Israel will cost less if you arrange it in our company. The rates are completely transparent. You don’t pay for services you don’t need or coverage items that aren’t relevant for a particular trip. It’s easy to find reviews of our work online.


Do I need insurance for Israel?

Buy insurance for travel to Israel is necessary for anyone who enters the territory of this country.

How much insurance in Israel?

If you plan to buy insurance in Israel, the exact cost depends on the limit, the number of points of coverage and other factors.

Do I need a visa to Israel?

Depends on the citizenship of the guest. Citizens of some countries may stay in Israeli territory for up to 90 days without a visa. Carefully study the information about the visa regime for your country. So tourists can be issued a visitor’s visa for up to 3 months.

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