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You can’t go to Egypt without insurance. Therefore, millions of tourists going in 2021-2022 to see the pyramids and enjoy the beauty of the resorts will need a policy. They will need to be insured against Covid-19, accidents, and other problems that can be encountered during and after of a flight abroad. 

If something happens to the insured during the trip, he will not have to pay from his pocket or relatives. Instead, you will only need to contact a representative of our insurance company, documenting the insured event and providing supporting documentation. The reviews will help to make sure that it is effective.

Health Care Coverage

photo of the city of Port Said in Egypt on a clear sunny day with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop

How to secure your trip abroad? The first thing you should take care of in advance, going on a tour or an independent trip, is a medical insurance for a trip to Egypt. That is, insure your health and life.

Take into account your chronic illnesses, as well as allergies and other problems that may occur during the trip. Particular attention is paid to the elderly and young children. They are always at risk. Young children – for injuries, poisoning. Also heat stroke with negative health consequences is not uncommon.

If someone is traveling with a pregnant woman, our company offers additional insurance for pregnant women in Egypt, which covers the services of an obstetrician-gynecologist. Maternity care is not covered.

Type of careAverage cost in U.S. dollars
Doctor’s consultation50 to 120 for a standard ten-minute consultation (public clinic)
Shots (including antibiotics)40 – 85
X-ray80 to 150 per 1 x-ray
Medical bandaging20-70

Non-flight and non-departure insurance 

One of the risks you can insure is flight cancellations and postponements, as well as the accompanying financial loss from prepaid services. Non-flight insurance is included in the policy against a flight to Egypt from your country of residence. If the flight was cancelled due to technical problems, weather, or even a call about a bomb planted at the airport, the tourist will receive a compensation for the lost money. It is also possible to insure against non-departure to Egypt from the countries through which he gets there in transit. 

Moreover, it is even possible to include in the cost of the policy the return of your tickets due to various circumstances that require you to return or not to leave the country.

Additional coverage points

Often there are various extreme entertainments in the plans. In this case, the traveler will need to arrange medical insurance for a trip to Egypt, covering the possible risks. Unfortunately, none of us is insured against accidents. Problems can be any kind – falls, injuries, bites of poisonous animals (including sea animals) and more.

For example, there is a special diving insurance in Egypt, which is issued for fans of scuba diving. This is a popular activity for those tourists who come to the Egyptian Red Sea coast. Full insurance for diving in Egypt covers any risks, allows to compensate medical care, and any expenses, up to repatriation to the home country. 

Also, travel insurance in Egypt can cover loss of your luggage, its damage or theft by third parties (including airport employees).

Liability insurance is another important option offered by the company. What is it? Suppose you have rented equipment, rented a car or other equipment. In the process someone else’s property was damaged. The owner is compensated out of the sum insured. 

When pondering what insurance to buy in Egypt, think about what problems may arise along the way, and reassure yourself in advance.

How the policy is issued

Going to the website to buy insurance in Egypt, you will see several products that differ in a number of points. This is the maximum amount of insurance coverage, the size of the deductible, as well as the number of items insured. The simplest, basic option, which is enough on arrival at international airports in Cairo and other Egyptian cities, includes a minimum of services. In particular – treatment of illnesses, injuries and coronavirus infection, the purchase of medicines.

photo of the pyramids of Giza near Cairo, the capital of Egypt, in the photo the sun breaks through the clouds and the beam falls directly on the pyramids

If you want to buy insurance in Egypt online with an extended list, including dentistry (emergency care), ambulance call and even repatriation, you will need a more expensive package. There is also a premium policy, which, in addition to all of the above, will even cover rescue surgery or the purchase of return tickets. 

The whole procedure of filling out the form will take you a few minutes. It’s completely online. You can messenger a consultant to ask questions.


Do I need kovid insurance in Egypt?

Yes, without a health insurance policy you will not be allowed into the country. 

Requirements for insurance to Egypt.

Your travel insurance to Egypt must cover basic medical services. Also have Covid coverage.

How much does insurance cost to Egypt?

The exact cost of insurance in Egypt is made up of the basic rates for a particular policy and the included additional services. All prices can be found on the website or by checking with a consultant.

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