We are open to forging fruitful collaborations with the following entities in the travel industry:

  1. Tour operators and travel agencies: We invite tour operators and travel agencies to join us in mutually beneficial partnerships.
  2. Online platforms catering to travelers: We are interested in collaborating with online platforms that cater to the needs of travelers, offering them a seamless and enjoyable experience.
  3. Price comparison services: We recognize the value of price comparison services and are keen to establish partnerships to provide travelers with comprehensive and accurate information.
  4. Assistance companies: We welcome partnerships with assistance companies to ensure the safety and well-being of travelers during their journeys.
  5. Medical institutions: Collaborating with medical institutions is crucial to guaranteeing the health and medical needs of travelers are met effectively.
  6. Tourist bloggers and influencers: We value the influence of tourist bloggers and influencers in shaping travel trends and experiences. We are excited to collaborate with them to promote our services.
  7. Investors: We extend an invitation to investors interested in supporting and contributing to the growth of our company.
  8. CPA Platforms: We are open to partnering with CPA (Cost Per Action) platforms to enhance our marketing efforts and expand our reach.

We look forward to establishing productive partnerships with these stakeholders in the industry.

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