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Sweden, as a Schengen country, is open to visa-free travel with a biometric passport. Those who have a passport of the old type, you need to make out a visa – tourist or work (depending on the purpose of travel). One of the conditions for its obtaining is the availability of health insurance. You can buy insurance for a visa to Sweden online on our site.

Medical insurance in Sweden: what cases are covered

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Medical insurance in Sweden is a guarantee of timely assistance and compensation for all costs of medical care. What does health insurance cover for tourists and migrant workers in Sweden:

  • COVID-19 – observation, hospitalization, treatment;
  • burns, frostbite;
  • acute respiratory infections and their complications;
  • limb fracture, dislocations, sprains;
  • robbery;
  • receiving injuries from animals;
  • exacerbation of allergies;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • explosion, lightning, electric shock.

For an additional fee it is possible to include individual insured events at the request of the client, as well as to insure a tour to Sweden, tickets and luggage.

Where to buy insurance in Sweden

You can buy insurance in Sweden on the insurance company’s website online from the comfort of your home. The price of the policy depends on the age of the insured, the period of validity of the insurance and the purpose of travel. The minimum period of validity of an insurance policy is two days.

How to buy insurance in Sweden online

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After selecting the desired insurance rate, you fill in the mandatory fields – enter personal data, where you specify the name, surname, date of birth, and term of insurance in Sweden. The online calculator automatically calculates the cost of the policy, which can be paid online or via convenient messenger. A few clicks and the insurance is in your e-mail.

If an insured event occurs, you need to report it to the hotline or via messengers. Phone numbers are listed on the insurance company’s website and in the policy.


Is the health insurance policy valid in a country other than Sweden?

The insurance is only valid in the countries listed on the policy.

Does travel insurance for a trip to Sweden cover “sports” injuries?

For outdoor activities, you need sports insurance that covers more cases.

Your passport details changed before you travel to Sweden. What should I do?

The insured should inform the insurance company about any changes in data, including passport data.

Do I have to undergo a medical examination before buying insurance in Sweden?

In most cases, it is not necessary.

Can I later increase my coverage for travel to Sweden after buying the policy?

Yes, it is possible. You can do this by contacting us via chatbot or messenger.

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