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Mandatory insurance in Thailand is something without which your trip to the resorts of this exotic country is simply impossible. The current legislation of this state provides for compulsory insurance.

However, now insurance for travelers to Thailand has become much easier and more convenient. On the insurance company website, you choose the type of policy, as well as the additional items you would like to include in it. Their number depends on how you plan your trip and who is going with you. 

The policy is issued online, without visits to the office or phone calls. Additional questions can be asked via messenger. The document is issued in electronic format and can be printed out. 

You can easily find reviews of insurance to Thailand left by our clients and evaluate the quality of service.

Health and Life Insurance

photo of sunset over an amazing building on Thailand's highest mountain Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai

First of all, insurance in Thailand for $ 30,000 will help cover the costs associated with illnesses, injuries and accidents. This is a doctor’s call, consultation at a private clinic, obtaining a prescription and purchase of medicines, assistance with injuries, poisoning. 

What is worth including in the cost of insurance in Thailand, and what you can save on, is always determined individually. For example, the increased health risks, the likelihood of injury, is always higher for elderly passengers and children and teenagers. 

Before entering, you should think about what services you will use, where to rest, etc. From this you can understand what risks are more likely. For example, Thai traffic is characterized by an abundance of mopeds and motorcycles. The traffic is left-handed there. Often there are problems for some tourists in orientation on the road. Traffic accidents happen regularly. 

A boat moored at Railay Beach with turquoise water in Krabi town in Thailand against the background of an amazing rock in dense vegetation

If you’re going for a beach holiday, insure against burns, sun and heat stroke. Going to ride elephants? It only seems safe on the surface. You can not anticipate the behavior of the animal. 

If you take out the simplest insurance for a trip to Thailand, the price of the policy does not include extreme entertainment. It is rafting, trekking in the mountains, scuba diving or other types of outdoor activities that involve a risk of injury.

By default, your policy does not cover help if you have problems while intoxicated. However, you can add them to the cost

One of the reasons why you need extended insurance in Thailand is the price of medical care in this country. In private clinics you can pay an impressive amount just for a ten-minute consultation. Although, according to reviews, the quality of treatment there is good.

ServicesPrice in USD
Pediatric consultation15 – 70, depending on the clinic and complexity of the case
Drug prescription75
Hospital stay (food included)up to 500-600

Problems with flights and tickets

Also, your travel insurance in Thailand will help to offset the costs if you have already prepaid tours, hotel, and the flight was suddenly canceled or postponed. 

Also insured is the cancellation of tickets for reasons beyond your control. If you can’t depart from your country of residence on time, the policy will cover the loss of tickets and previously paid services.

Property and liability insurance

A bird's eye view of Bangkok at night in Thailand

Going on a vacation abroad, you should insure against risks associated with loss, theft, damage or destruction of both your own property (luggage) and the items or equipment belonging to third parties. In the first case the risks are associated with theft or unprofessionalism of airport staff. Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon. Your bags and suitcases can be either not found or found after a few days. 

Also, before leaving abroad you can buy insurance in Thailand covering public liability. When does it come? For example, you rented snorkeling equipment and ruined it. Or damaged a jet ski. Or get into an accident in a rental car. With a large amount of coverage, you can get it out of your pocket.


Do I need travel insurance to Thailand?

Travel medical insurance for travel to Thailand is mandatory for all persons entering the country.

What are the requirements for insurance in Thailand?

Maximum coverage of 50 thousand dollars and above, protection from the crown (specified directly in the text of the policy). The document must be issued for the entire period of stay in the country.

Do I need a visa to Thailand?

Not necessary if you plan to stay in the country not more than 30 days.

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