Travel Insurance to Czech Republic

Any foreign tourist needs insurance to enter the Czech Republic, without which entry into the country is not allowed. Let’s look at how to get insurance if your trip is planned for 2023 or 2024.

The insurance company offers different types of policies. To buy them, you just need to fill out an online form and make a payment. After that, all you need to do is download the document file.

The cost of insurance for the Schengen area is always higher, as the minimum limit of insurance coverage is increased for this zone. It is at least 30,000 euros. Medical insurance for a visa to the Czech Republic is issued for the entire duration of stay + 15 days in case of force majeure.

Work insurance

If you are flying or traveling to Prague or other cities for work, you will need insurance for your work visa in the Czech Republic, covering the risks you may face while performing your duties. Policies will vary depending on the field of activity. This means that medical insurance for a visa in the Czech Republic for a person in an enterprise where there are explosive or toxic substances will differ in coverage type from a policy for an office worker.

Policy for students

If you are going to study at one of the Czech universities, you will need insurance in the Czech Republic for a student visa. This is a mandatory requirement in all universities in the country. Often, the university administration immediately clarifies the conditions. The policy must be comprehensive, covering all risks related to Covid-19, vaccination, and have a limit of 60,000 EUR.

Considering that the period of study is quite long, insurance in the Czech Republic is usually issued for 90 days or a longer period. As for prices, they also depend on the duration.

Excursions and tourism

If your trip abroad is aimed at relaxation and visiting interesting places, then you also need to insure yourself by obtaining the corresponding type of policy. Company offers a beneficial tourist insurance in the Czech Republic, covering all key risks.

Although Czech tourism is quite safe, you can never be sure that you will avoid injuries, traffic accidents, or, for example, food poisoning in local restaurants. Therefore, insurance for a trip to the Czech Republic must include coverage for the costs of your treatment, diagnosis, transportation to a medical facility, and other expenses.

Trip to the Czech Republic for a long period

Beautiful photo of the Old Town Wharf and Charles Bridge over the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic

Some people go abroad for just a few days to admire the beauty. Others plan to stay for 3 months, while others need insurance for a long-term visa to the Czech Republic. Company offers advantageous insurance options for each case.

If the policy is issued for 12 months or more, the client is eligible for a discount.

What should your insurance policy cover?

All insurance packages have common parameters:

  • Diagnosis, treatment, and hospitalization for COVID-19;
  • Doctor visits, consultations, and prescription services;
  • Payment for hospital stays;
  • Emergency dental care;
  • Coverage of expenses in case of an accident.

When planning to get insured, every person should consider the most likely risks. If they are an athlete, injuries are possible. Workplaces also have occupational hazards. For older people or those suffering from various illnesses, exacerbation of old problems is likely.

However, there are also extended options available. They can include the costs of transporting a person to a remote medical facility, sending them for treatment back to their home country, and repatriation. There is also additional coverage available for pregnant women (with a time limit).

Medical servicesAverage prices in EUR
1 day in a general ward (excluding treatment cost)10 + registration fee (1.2 – 3.0)
private room (per day)45 + reg. fee
CT, MRI900/1000

But insurance is recommended not only for medical problems. During your trip, your belongings can be lost, stolen, or damaged at the airport or train station. However, if you have insured yourself in advance, you will receive a portion of the sum immediately, and the remainder will be paid if your baggage is not found within the specified timeframe.

In addition, insurance policies cover risks of non-departure and non-travel for various reasons, as well as refunds for tickets in case of force majeure. If your flight is canceled or rescheduled, and you have lost some of the funds you paid in advance for various services, rentals, or tickets, insurance for a Schengen visa to the Czech Republic can help cover the damage.

Photo of Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO Heritage Site in the Czech Republic, with people kayaking on the river in the background

Coverage of civil liability risks is also an option. For example, if you rent a car and have an accident, the costs will be reimbursed.

Sports/extreme sports and other risks are not included in the main list but can be additionally insured.

It is easy to find reviews about our company’s work with other clients online to confirm its reliability.


How much does insurance cost in the Czech Republic?

When obtaining insurance in the Czech Republic, the price depends on the duration, deductible, coverage type, and additional options. The cost of the policy for a student and a person going to work may differ.

Is a visa required for the Czech Republic?

Yes, as for any other state in the Schengen area.

What are the entry rules for the Czech Republic?

A traveler needs to obtain insurance and take a PCR test. Requirements depend on which country the guest is coming from. For neighboring states, EU countries, there is a single COVID passport. It includes information about the disease, vaccination, and tests.

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