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Portugal is a country for versatile vacationing. Therefore, before your trip, it’s important to insure yourself against accidents that may occur during beach or active leisure activities. Insurance will also be necessary for citizens who need to apply for a visa for their trip – the policy is included in the list of mandatory documents to be submitted to the consulate for permission to enter and work in the country.

What is medical tourist insurance in Portugal?

photo of panoramic view of Lisbon city at sunset, Portugal

Insurance in Portugal is a guarantee of assistance in case of insured events and compensation for financial losses related to medicine. An accident, chronic diseases, viral infections, poisoning, and other situations can spoil the impression of the trip. With medical tourist insurance in Portugal, you can travel or work calmly – in case of an insured event, our policy will cover all expenses. What is included in medical tourist insurance for a visa in Portugal:

  • COVID-19;
  • ARVI;
  • Injuries;
  • Burns, frostbite;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Road accidents;
  • Electric shock;
  • Food and chemical poisoning.

The insurance company takes into account the individual preferences of clients, so there is an opportunity to include necessary insurance cases in any of the service packages for an additional fee.

Prices for insurance in Portugal

On the insurance company’s website, you can choose different amounts of insurance coverage:

  • 30,000 USD;
  • 100,000 USD;
  • 500,000 USD;
  • 1,000,000,000 USD.

For an additional fee, you can order the following services:

Luggage insurance

Provides compensation for lost, delayed, or damaged baggage. Prices for compensation:

  • $5 – compensation of $200;
  • $12,5 – compensation of $600;
  • $25 – compensation of $1200.

Ticket and tour insurance

We insure:

  • air;
  • rail;
  • hotel tickets;
  • package tours.

Therefore, in case of a change of plans, it is possible to get your money back.

How to get travel insurance for a visa to Portugal

Travel insurance for a visa to Portugal can be obtained in less than five minutes – online on the website or in the Telegram chatbot. After selecting the desired tariff, the insured person enters personal information (name, surname, date of birth) and indicates the period of insurance coverage.

photo of the famous yellow Bica streetcar in Lisbon, Portugal

The price of the policy for a visa to Portugal depends on the age of the insured person and the duration of the insurance coverage. The minimum period is one day. After paying for the policy on the website or through a messenger, the travel insurance for Portugal will be sent to your email. In case of an insurance event, you need to contact us – call the hotline or report the problem in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.


Do I need to undergo a medical examination before purchasing insurance for Portugal?

No, a medical examination is not mandatory to obtain insurance. It is recommended to get sports insurance to cover possible injuries from extreme activities.

Can I later expand my insurance coverage for a trip to Portugal?

Yes, it is possible. To do so, you need to contact us through the chatbot or messenger.

What should I do in case of a passport change before my trip to Portugal?

You should inform the insurance company of any changes.

Can I use my insurance policy in another country besides Portugal?

No, the coverage only applies within the country specified in the document.

Can I use my visa insurance policy for a sports injury?

To cover the costs of sports injuries, you should obtain the corresponding sports insurance.

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