Travel Insurance for Hungary

Insurance for Hungary is a tourist medical insurance that covers all costs of treatment and emergency medical assistance in cases specified in the policy. Therefore, before planning your trip, it is worth including insurance in your budget. Is it profitable to buy it? Definitely.

Firstly, we offer budget policy options. Our website provides different types of insurance coverage. Prices are affordable – around 1 euro/day. Secondly, medical treatment in another country without tourist insurance can hit your wallet hard, while insurance protects your budget.

Medical insurance in Hungary: What’s included

Beautiful aerial photo of Budapest in Hungary - the Fisherman's Bastion tower, the Hungarian Parliament and the Danube River are in the photo

Medical insurance covers unforeseen events that may happen to tourists or migrant workers. A foreign country, places, people, and the impression of a vacation should not be ruined. What is included in medical insurance:

  • Coverage of medical expenses related to the treatment of influenza;
  • Medication coverage;
  • Observation for COVID-19, its treatment, and diagnosis;
  • Coverage of treatment related to injuries;
  • Expenses for calling a doctor/ambulance;
  • Exacerbation of chronic illnesses;
  • Payment for medical transportation services for the insured person to the place of treatment;
  • Obstetric assistance before the 27th week;
  • For an additional fee, it is possible to include individual services or insurance cases in the package.

Insurance for luggage

During a flight, luggage can be lost, damaged, or delayed. Search operations usually take 3-4 weeks, which is almost a month. People store necessary items for their leisure or work in their suitcases. In case of loss, the insurance company will compensate for the cost of the luggage.

Medical Insurance in Hungary: What’s included

Tourist insurance for Hungary can be arranged in less than five minutes online. You can purchase insurance on the website or through the Telegram chatbot. If you have any questions, you can call the hotline and get all the necessary information.

The first step is to choose the appropriate coverage amount.

An aerial photo of Füser Castle in Hungary which stands on a cliff around an incredible view of dense trees and rolling hills

You can arrange insurance for Hungary for a period that is convenient for you: one day, two days, a week, etc. The price depends on the duration of the insurance, age, and coverage amount. You can pay for the policy right away on the website or through a convenient messenger, and the tourist medical insurance for Hungary will be sent to your email. In case of an insurance event, you can call the hotline or report the incident via Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.

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