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If you are planning a trip to London, you will need insurance in the UK that covers all major risks. Our insurance company offers several interesting and profitable products in this area. On our website, you have a convenient option to purchase a policy online. In this case, all force majeure circumstances listed in the document insuring your trip will be paid according to the terms of the contract.

Affordable prices of the packages offered, numerous positive reviews, and a simple scheme of obtaining insurance are just a few reasons why people choose our insurance company when planning a vacation abroad.

Main policy for tourist and other trips

A good insurance policy for travel to the UK takes into account not only the main probabilities, but also the risks that are typical for a specific region, as well as the features of your activity. Thus, athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts (including mountain hikes) add additional points to their insurance policy. However, you can get injured or become a victim of an accident not only during active leisure, but also on a regular excursion. Car accidents are also not excluded.

photo of one of the main attractions of London Tower Bridge in the evening, UK

The basic insurance policy may not always cover all expenses. What can be included in the extended package?

  • Transportation to the place of treatment;
  • Search and rescue operations;
  • Additional dental services;
  • Assistance and consultation for pregnant women;
  • Repatriation.

The full coverage list for the UK can be found in the description for each of the proposed packages.

Health and life insurance for travelers in the UK

Special attention should be paid to the risks associated with the traveler’s overall health, chronic illnesses, and allergies. Seasonal infections should not be forgotten either. When applying for travel insurance for a UK visa, all of these factors should be included in the policy.

Health insurance allows you to avoid significant expenses for medical services. After all, in England, these services are more expensive than in many countries around the world.

Here are some prices for medical services in clinics in the UK:

ServicePrice in pounds as of 2023
(may vary, depending on the level of the clinic)
Gynecologist consultation + examination260
Allergist consultation200 (excluding prescriptions and drugs)
Consultation with a therapist and abdominal ultrasound290
Assistance from a traumatologistfrom 250
Cardiologist (consultation, ultrasound and ECG)380
General blood analysis and biochemistry130

And these are just basic things – recommendations, diagnostic tests, etc. If you need to be hospitalized with payment for staying in a ward or purchase medications, the cost will be significantly higher.

A beautiful bird's eye view of Edinburgh's old town and Edinburgh Castle in Scotland with a view of the street leading up to it

According to statistics, passengers with children are more likely to seek medical help during a trip. Injuries, digestive problems, poisoning, and respiratory issues are just a small list of what you can face when traveling with children.

Cancellation of a trip to the UK

In addition to health risks, travel insurance to the UK may include coverage for damages related to the cancellation or postponement of flights. A special policy can help you get your money back for tickets, rented accommodations, equipment, or other expenses. Furthermore, non-departure and ticket return are insured for a variety of reasons. For example, if a relative gets sick or you need to attend your grandmother’s funeral.

Civil liability for a trip to United Kingdom

photo of the world's most recognizable buses "red buses" against the backdrop of Big Ben in London, UK

If you rent a car or other equipment, the insurance for travel to Britain should include coverage for damage to this property, as well as damage to third parties. For example, if you collide with another car or damage something on the road, you won’t have to pay out of pocket. This can also include rented equipment and much more.

Problems with baggage at airports in United Kingdom

Imagine the situation: you arrive at Heathrow airport, waiting for your suitcases and bags to be returned to you, but nothing happens. You ask the staff, and you find out that they can’t find your luggage. However, if your London insurance covered such risks, there would be much fewer problems. You can insure against loss, theft, damage, or destruction of things due to reasons beyond your control.


Do I need insurance in the UK?

Yes, it is a mandatory requirement for all visitors.

Is there insurance for not getting a visa to the UK?

Yes, you can insure against trip cancellation due to not receiving permission to enter.

Do I need insurance for pets in the UK?

Yes, a passport, insurance, vaccination records, and an up-to-date health certificate are required.

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