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If you are planning a trip to one of the Ukrainian cities or around the country, you will need insurance in Ukraine to cover major risks. Before going on vacation, visiting friends or making a business trip you should take out insurance with a reliable insurance company. We offer the most comfortable conditions and the insurance for a trip to Ukraine will not cost you much. It is up to you to decide what you want to include in the policy price.

Typical risks that need to be included in the policy

Chic sunset view in snowy Kiev, Ukraine with a view of the Dnieper River in ice, Kiev Mother Monument and Kiev Pechersk Lavra

In addition to coronavirus insurance for Ukraine, you need to take into account all major problems. These are accidents caused by traffic accidents, risks associated with staying in the mountains (Carpathians) or at sea. Depending on the region, medical insurance for a trip to Ukraine may cover a standard package (doctor’s call, prescription, medicine, diagnostics, hospitalization) or expanded coverage. For example, including search operations. Also medical insurance for a trip to Ukraine may cover transportation to the place of residence or to a specific clinic.

Please note that while Covid insurance for a trip to Ukraine is basic, the set of options “sea, mountains, sports and extreme vacations” are additionally insurable items.

So that the traveler is not afraid of the cost of treatment, it is necessary to take out insurance for entry into Ukraine, which takes into account individual risks. That is, chronic diseases, the likelihood of dental problems. If a pregnant woman travels abroad, insurance for traveling to Ukraine must include consultation and help from an obstetrician-gynecologist. However, assistance during delivery is not covered by the policy. There is a strict term limit for pregnancy.

One more important point concerns coronavirus insurance for Ukraine. It should cover not only diagnostics and treatment, but also hospitalization. 

Even an inexpensive tourist insurance will do you good, Ukraine is a country with affordable medical insurance. But without a policy with good coverage, your trip abroad can be quite expensive. The selection is made in different companies of the city.

ServicePrice in UAH
Clinical blood test120
Caries or pulpitis treatment with a photopolymer filling400-1000
Spine MRI1300
Urologist consultation650
Day hospitalization per 1 hour350

In order not to overpay, it is better to buy insurance for entry into Ukraine online on the website of our insurance company.

Tourist’s property risks

Before leaving the country, it is worth evaluating what you may encounter on the spot. One of the common problems is the loss or damage of luggage. Your insurance for traveling to Ukraine can include coverage for compensating material damage. 

Civil Liability

If you need really reliable travel insurance to Ukraine, buy third-party property risk coverage. This could be a rental car or any machinery you may damage. The policy will cover the owner for damages.

Policy registration

photo of a street in the Old European style in Lviv, Ukraine

Insurance on the website is as simple as possible:

  • Choose one of the products based on a list of coverage
  • Pay the cost for a specific term.
  • Get a file that you can show on your smartphone or print out. 

The policy is valid for the entire duration of your stay abroad. You can easily find testimonials from our customers online that show the reliability of the cooperation.


What kind of insurance do I need to travel to Ukraine?

Travel insurance. You can buy online insurance in Ukraine with medical, accident and coronavirus coverage.

Rules for entering Ukraine?

You need a PCR, vaccination certificate and health insurance policy.

Do I need insurance to transit through Ukraine?

Yes, you will need a policy with Covid-19 coverage.

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