Travel Insurance for Japan

One of the key issues before departure is insurance in Japan for persons crossing the border. Our company offers several different products, reviews of which are easy to find online. 

Health insurance for entry. Basic requirements

Basic insurance for travel to Japan allows you to compensate for various expenses related to illnesses, injuries. 

A beautiful photo of Tokyo on a clear day showing the Shinjuku buildings and snow-capped Mt. Fuji in the background

Also remember that when you go abroad, you must insure against Covid-19 by including the cost of inpatient treatment in the coverage. 

Now about the prices of medical services in Japanese clinics.

ServicePrice in USD
Ambulance call16 for the ambulance call. + additional fee for all services provided (up to 300)
24 hours in-patient hospitalfrom 200
Dental examination15
Fillings for 1 toothfrom 90

If you have timely insurance in Japan, the price of these and other services will be covered by your policy. 

Of course, care for serious injuries and surgical procedures will cost considerably more. Therefore, it is much more beneficial to buy online insurance in Japan and include such risks.

Other risks insurance

Your travel insurance to Japan is a sure way to avoid many financial risks. Here are some of them:

  • Unplanned interruption of your trip. In such cases, you get reimbursed for fees, prepaid services, including hotel stays, excursions, or rental equipment
  • Lost luggage or long delays that result in financial loss. For example, if your luggage contained equipment, gear, or other items without which you cannot carry out an activity. You need to document the loss, theft, or destruction of the items in order to receive compensation. 
  • Accidents that occurred during the trip. Medical treatment is paid, compensation is paid
  • Also insurance for a visa to Japan may include compensation for financial responsibility for damage to property of third parties. The amount is determined by court decision. 

Sports and extreme sports are insured separately. In particular, surfing on the Pacific coast, diving (Okinawa), trekking (Yakushima), mountain skiing (Hokkaido), and climbing Mount Fuji.

Types and features of policies

Standard medical insurance in Japan usually includes emergency medical care. This includes ambulance, doctor’s call, prescriptions for medicines, bandages, outpatient treatment. Additionally, it is possible to include sending the patient to his/her place of permanent residence, and in some cases repatriation. There is a reimbursement limit for each item.

If the insured person wants to buy an extended package, then the insurance in Japan will include, for example, payment for the arrival of relatives, sending emergency messages, payment for the stay in the clinic and accommodation after discharge.

Additional insurable services include sending personal belongings, lawyer and interpreter fees, temporary return (for funerals, etc.). Expenses for search operations and evacuation can be included in the extended insurance package.

How the policy is processed through the website

As soon as you need to prepare for your trip, you fill in a simple form, indicating all the necessary data. Health insurance to Japan is arranged for the entire duration of your stay. For the unvaccinated who will need to spend two weeks in quarantine, you should consider this time. 

photo of a beautiful view of a classic Japanese building against a background of trees with pink leaves and Mount Fuji in the cloud, Japan

Often people count only the dates of entry and exit without considering that there may be force majeure during the trip that changes plans and deadlines.

You can arrange health insurance for a trip to Japan very quickly. You will receive a finished document in electronic format. You can then display it directly from the screen of your gadget or print it out on paper.

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