Travel Insurance to Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the most popular resorts where you do not need a visa – if visiting for tourism purposes. But because of COVID-19 every traveler now needs medical insurance to enter the territory of Tunisia. You can buy it inexpensively online on the website of the insurance company.

What is included in the medical insurance in Tunisia

photo of the Grand Mosque in Sousse, one of the main sights of Tunisia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea

Medical insurance in Tunisia, arranged on our website, covers accidents that may happen to a holidaymaker at the resort. Travel medical insurance includes:

  • coverage of medical expenses related to the treatment of COVID-19;
  • coverage of medical expenses related to the treatment of acute respiratory infections;
  • medical care;
  • coverage for treatment related to injuries;
  • physician/ambulance call costs;
  • hospitalization;
  • diagnosis;
  • hospital treatment.

Individual insured events, as well as luggage, ticket and package tour insurance can be included in any insurance plan for an additional fee.

Where to buy insurance in Tunisia

On the website of the insurance company you can arrange insurance online in Tunisia in a few minutes without leaving home. We offer 4 insurance coverage options:

  • 30 000$;
  • 100 000$;
  • 500 000$;
  • 1 000 000$

You can insure your trip for a period convenient for you: a week, a month or a year. The price of insurance in Tunisia depends on the age of the insured, the term of validity of the insurance and the purpose of travel.

How to buy travel insurance in Tunisia

photo of a view of the Mediterranean sea coast in Tunisia from the terrace of a cafe in the town of Sidi Bou Said in North Africa

The first step – you need to select the insurance package on the website. The second step is to fill in the personal data of the insured. Then you choose the term of the policy and pay for it – on the site or via messenger. After payment, the travel insurance in Tunisia comes to your email.

If an insured event occurs, you need to contact us and report the problem to the hotline.

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