Travel Insurance to Germany

You can buy travel insurance to Germany for both a brief trip and for up to 12 months on our website. The insurance policy can provide coverage for health and life risks, flight and ticket problems, and loss of luggage. 

Who will need a policy?

Now let’s discuss what categories of clients are covered. Who needs a document covering various risks? Let’s say at once — everyone needs travel insurance in Germany. However, there are many nuances. For example, the difference between insurance for travel abroad and a similar service for professional athletes is noticeable. Here are a few simple examples:

beautiful photo of Berlin Cathedral in Germany from the side of the river where ferries and boats are sailing on a sunny day
  • Standard health insurance for studying in Germany + additional Covid-19 coverage is the best option for students.
  • Athletes coming to the EU should have insurance coverage for injuries and accidents in training and competitions.
  • If you’re traveling for work and your activity involves a risk of a work-related injury, be sure to include this factor in your policy.
  • Extreme sports and outdoor activities are options for insurance when you enter Germany. These include rafting, diving, yachting, alpine skiing, rock climbing and mountaineering, skydiving, and other activities involving increased health and life risks.

A traveler should insure what is relevant for his trip to Germany. For example, when flying abroad with a child, consider the increased risk of injury to children. This is especially true for the category under 3 and from 3 to 6 years old. This is because they also more often have problems related to GIT. In addition, child poisoning is a common problem for parents. So, if you’re traveling to Germany with a minor, make sure you include this in your policy before you go abroad.

The main areas of insurance for people traveling to Germany

So, we have found out who and for what may need insurance. Now let’s move on to the specifics. We offer different packages. Basic travel insurance in Germany includes primary medical care and minimum coverage for coronavirus. The next stage is already with full covid coverage (including hospitalization), with expanded medical care. There’s also coverage for accidents and even repatriation to the home country. 

A photo of one of Germany's main landmarks, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on a sunny day

If you have health problems that can worsen on the road (untreated teeth, pregnancy up to 27 weeks), take the extended coverage in Germany. However, insurance risks include not only the health and life of the tourist abroad. Other points are worth having. If you need only medical insurance in Germany, the cost will be lower. However, if further problems arise, you’ll not receive compensation.  What could it be?

  • Flight cancellation or ticket cancellation. These are force majeure events that no one can foresee. They not only disrupt your plans but may also lead to unpleasant consequences for your budget, losing part of the amount spent on the trip. For example, if you booked a room in advance, and it cannot return the money. 
  • Many people carry expensive items, electronics, equipment, and outfits. Often the total value of transported luggage is impressive. Therefore, it’s worth insuring in case of loss at the airport. 
  • If you’re planning to rent a vehicle or, for example, a yacht, add liability insurance to your insurance policy in Germany. Then, in the event of damage to someone else’s property, creating risks to the health or life of third parties, the insurance coverage will protect your interests. 

The cost of travel insurance to Germany also depends on the terms. For example, when vacationing for up to six months, the conditions and price are the same, and if you’re insured for a year, you get a discount.

Need to know
Since Germany is a Schengen member, make an insurance policy with a minimum coverage of at least 30 thousand euros.

You probably still have questions about insurance for entry into Germany. It would help if you asked our consultants. We’ll be happy to help you understand insurance. Please read the comments of tourists about the advantages of cooperation with us on our website.


What is medical insurance necessary for traveling to Germany?

You should have a medical insurance policy with 30,000 euros coverage. You’ll also need to take out a covid insurance policy.

What to do if an insured event occurs?

Call us immediately. Call center is available 24 hours a day. They’ll give you advice on further actions when the insured event happens.

I have a Schengen insurance policy. Is it suitable for traveling to Germany?

If you need insurance in Germany, the Schengen policy you took out earlier is valid.

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