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To visit Australia citizens of Ukraine and the CIS must obtain a visa, the documents for which are filed online. And although the insurance is not included in the list of required documents, it is still better to buy it – it will be plus one more argument confirming the serious approach to travel, and it can be decisive for making a decision in favor of the applicant for a visa.

How much does it cost to insure Australia online

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On our website, you can purchase inexpensive health insurance to Australia online in less than five minutes. The price depends on the age of the insured and the term of insurance, as well as the amount of coverage. With us you can get insurance in Australia for any term – for a year, for a month, for a few days. The minimum term of registration is one day. You fill in the personal details of the insured person on the website, pay for the policy and receive it electronically by email.

What travel medical insurance to Australia covers

A medical travel policy to Australia includes services such as:

  • сoverage for treatment of injuries, illnesses;
  • medication coverage;
  • doctor / ambulance call;
  • doctor’s consultation;
  • transportation of the insured to the place of hospitalization.
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Insured Events:

  • COVID-19;
  • burns, frostbite;
  • car accident;
  • electric shock;
  • traumas.

At the request of the insured, individual insured events for an additional fee are added to any insurance rate. You can also insure with us against non departure, non-departure in case of change of plans or postponement, delay of flight, and insure your luggage against loss or damage. The insurance company will compensate you as soon as possible in case of loss in the case stipulated by the policy.

Help with an accident in Australia

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If you have an accident covered by insurance, you should contact our partners in Australia, whose numbers are listed on the policy. You can also report the incident to the insurance company hotline. We are available 24/7 to assist you anywhere in the world.

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