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Georgia has long been a popular tourist destination. Numerous tourists attend this country annually. They are attracted by the world-famous Georgian hospitality, beautiful nature, and rich cultural heritage. Here every traveler can find the best type of rest, but it’s necessary to get insurance in Georgia for this purpose.

Necessary to know
Going on a trip abroad must get medical insurance, which covers a minimum package of medical services.

Health insurance for traveling to Georgia: characteristics of the document

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Georgia doesn’t require travel insurance. However, considering the covid pandemic, it’s better to have it during passport control. Moreover, it guarantees the provision of medical care in case of need.
Medical services abroad are costly. So, if you bought an insurance policy before departure, it can significantly save your family budget in case of need.
To save not only money but also the time before a trip, buy insurance to Georgia online. Our specialists can help you prepare the contract in just a few minutes.

Need to know!
The minimum amount of insurance policy for all foreign citizens entering Georgia is fixed at 30000 euro. In addition, travel insurance in Georgia must comply with an international sample

Here are the following significant requirements for the insurance policy:

  • correctly filled documents, as even minor differences in personal data are unacceptable;
  • a clear list of all insurance events, which are covered by the policy;
  • availability of insurer’s personal information for quick contact in case of an insured event.

Athletes, extreme lovers, and the elderly should include the additional options in the policy and buy an extended package.

Cost of insurance and its coverage

Insurance in Georgia is issued online with a foreign passport (or an ordinary passport). Enter passport data into a specific form, point to the period of stay in Georgia, and choose a policy type.

The cost of insurance depends on:

  • list of insured events and included additional options;
  • period of validity that mustn’t be less than a trip duration;
  • traveler’s age;
  • insurance policy amount.

Calculate the insurance cost in Georgia with mandatory coverage from COVID-19 due to the online calculator on the website.

Incredible view of the Church of the Holy Trinity on a cliff top near the village of Gergeti in Georgia

The insurance policy covers the cost of the following options:

  • call or visit of a therapist;
  • outpatient and inpatient treatment;
  • medicines prescribed by a doctor;
  • transportation to a medical facility;
  • repatriation to the home country; transportation of the body in case of death;
  • and many others.

The insurance can include any necessary options covering the cost of treatment in case of an insured event.

Pros of travel insurance to Georgia

Our company offers a wide range of insurance policies that you can buy at a bargain price. See general information on the website pages, but insurance agents are ready to provide qualified consultations on all the questions a tourist wants to know.
The chief advantage is the fast making of online insurance that saves your time and spare nerves before a trip. In addition, travel insurance to Georgia is issued without the client’s presence, so you can spend extra time to prepare for the departure.


Do I need travel insurance to Georgia?

Travel insurance to Georgia is not required by law, but during COVID-19, getting insurance in Georgia is necessary to keep travelers safe and financially sound. If an insured event occurs, the insurance policy covers medical care costs. Therefore, an important option is to buy the policy before you go abroad.

How much does travel insurance to Georgia cost?

The cost of insurance depends on:

  • list of insured events and included additional options;
  • period of validity that mustn’t be less than a trip duration;
  • traveler’s age;
  • insurance policy amount.
Do I need a visa to Georgia?

A visa-free regime is valid for foreign citizens to enter the country for up to 360 days for tourist purposes.

For how long can I enter the country?

You can enter Georgia without a visa to stay up to 360 days. After that, staying in the country is not limited, but your passport must be valid for at least 90 days after your return if you go abroad.

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