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If you are planning to travel to Russia, you will need insurance in Russia. Accordingly, you need to buy a medical policy that covers all the major risks. What should be included in travel insurance in Russia and how to properly prepare for entry into Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities? 

Travel insurance in Russia is easy to arrange online before you go abroad. All you need to do is fill out a convenient form, select one of the Russian travel insurance packages on offer, make the payment and, if necessary, download and print a paper version.

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Requirements of the Russian legislation to enter

Red Square in Moscow in clear weather, Russia

Some travelers, going on a trip to a neighboring country, forget that they are not going to the nearest city, but abroad. Basic health insurance for entering Russia is just as mandatory as it is for traveling to foreign countries.

The policy allows for the following options:

  • Covid-19 (coronavirus) insurance. Coverage covers testing, outpatient or inpatient care, and the purchase of medications.
  • Call your doctor at home/at your place of residence. For example, to your hotel room.
  • Get emergency dental care. In particular, if you have health insurance in Russia, treatment and extraction of a tooth that suddenly became painful, help in case of fluxes, etc. will be covered.
  • Get help for an exacerbation of a chronic illness.
  • Also, travel insurance in Russia will help you in case of injury, food poisoning, infection of various infections.
If you’re planning sports or extreme activities like rafting down a mountain river in the Altai Mountains or skiing in Sochi, make sure you include these points in your policy. The default insurance for travel in Russia does not cover such risks.

The cost of medical care in the Russian Federation. How much will a visitor spend

Let’s explore the prices of various medical services you may need on the road.

ServiceAverage cost in Moscow (rubles)
Caries treatment4000
root canal treatmentfrom 3500
Gynecologist consultation2200 – 5000
Consultation with a therapist in a private clinic2300 – 8000, depending on the complexity of the problem the patient is dealing with
One day in-patient stay (room capacity dependent)3500 – 4900

Insurance of other risks

Bird's-eye view of Moscow, Russia

Good insurance for a visa to Russia for foreigners covers most of the medical problems a person may encounter on the way. However, in addition to medical care, there are other nuances. 

For example, flight cancellation for various reasons, from equipment malfunctions to bad weather. Also insured are ticket refunds due to various force majeure circumstances, loss of money for prepaid hotel reservations.

The next problem you may encounter in any country in the world is loss of luggage at the airport. If you are bringing expensive equipment and personal belongings with you, it is best to add that your insurance to Russia for a foreigner includes this item. The price won’t get much higher, but in the event of trouble, you’ll get half the amount right away, and the other half within 21 days if the items are never found.


Is it necessary to have insurance in Russia?

Yes, if you are planning a vacation in Russia, an insurance policy is mandatory. It is a general requirement for all visitors, regardless of the purpose and duration of stay.

How much does it cost to be insured in Russia?

The exact cost will depend on the type of policy. Therefore, when arranging insurance in Russia, the price is determined individually.

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