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Travel insurance for NZ consistently experiences high demand, and it’s no surprise. New Zealand is, without exaggeration, one of the most heavenly places on Earth. The nature is simply divine, the climate is comfortable all year round, famous local products, and an attractive job market. And, of course, a ton of landmarks—both natural and man-made. The Hobbiton town alone is worth a visit! That’s why people come here for experiences, for work, and even to settle down permanently.

Travel Insurance NZ offers protection and assistance while traveling from any part of the world to the islands of New Zealand. It covers medical and other unforeseen expenses that might come up during the trip. The more options you include, the more comprehensive the protection for you and your loved ones. So it’s crucial to pick the right plan that fully meets your needs and planned budget for purchasing the policy.

New Zealand travel insurance for non-residents from our service allows for extremely flexible options and the choice from more than 50 optional services. No matter where your journey begins—be it India, South Africa, or a city in the USA or Bali. Our travel insurance quotes offer global coverage. Our policy is international travel insurance, and it’s valid everywhere, no matter where you are or where you come from.

Travel Insurance to New Zealand

panoramic photo of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, on a clear, sunny day from the ocean

Truly reliable, quality travel insurance for New Zealand will let you travel with confidence under any circumstances and in all unforeseen situations. Well-set-up international travel insurance from our service will never let you down and will help you manage any mishaps. Without the risk of going bankrupt or, at the very least, significantly spoiling your vacation with unnecessary financial troubles.

Travel insurance to New Zealand from the UK, from Fiji, or from Germany are identical in their principles of operation, coverage, and level of reliability. As are travel insurance for New Zealand visitors from the Philippines, Ecuador, or the Dominican Republic. We operate worldwide and are ready to open up the whole world for each one of you—because it’s wonderful!

Please see the table below. We’ve collected the 10 most interesting cities for tourists in New Zealand, also indicating the distance from the airport to the center with current prices.

CityAirportDistance to center (km)Taxi cost (NZD)Public transport cost (NZD)
AucklandInternational Auckland2050-6015-20
WellingtonInternational Wellington825-358-12
ChristchurchInternational Christchurch1230-4010-15
HamiltonInternational Hamilton1535-4510-15
TaurangaTauranga Airport1025-357-10
NapierHawkes Bay Airport620-305-8
DunedinInternational Dunedin2555-6516-20
Palmerston NorthPalmerston N. Airport515-254-7
NelsonNelson Airport720-306-9
RotoruaRegional Airport Rotorua925-357-11

We hope this information has been useful to you. Now let’s talk about travelers who plan not just to visit New Zealand but to explore the world, starting from this beautiful country.

Travel Insurance from New Zealand

Photo of the view of Mount Cook and the highway to it in New Zealand taken in the rear view mirror of a car

The closest country to NZ is the only country-continent on Earth, obviously, we’re talking about Australia. So, it’s natural that travel insurance to Australia from New Zealand tops the list of most popular plans. But our service covers you anywhere on Earth (at least for now—who knows what the future holds!). You can easily get the certificate you need, no matter where you’re headed.

Here’s a table of popular destinations from New Zealand (all prices and times are from NZ’s capital to the destination capital):

CountryCapitalFlight Time (hours)Average Price (USD)
AustraliaCanberra~3-4 hours~$150-$300
FijiSuva~3-4 hours~$300-$500
IndonesiaJakarta~9-10 hours~$400-$800
JapanTokyo~10-12 hours~$600-$1200
South KoreaSeoul~12-14 hours~$700-$1400
ChinaBeijing~11-13 hours~$600-$1200
SingaporeSingapore~9-10 hours~$300-$600
MalaysiaKuala Lumpur~10-12 hours~$400-$800
ThailandBangkok~10-12 hours~$400-$800
IndiaNew Delhi~12-14 hours~$600-$1200
Important! Please note, the times and costs are just estimates and can vary due to factors like weather, routes, layovers, and so on. Average prices can also change based on the time of year, booking category, and other variables. But this table gives you a general idea.

If you have questions or need more info, like about adventure travel insurance or backpacker travel insurance in NZ, feel free to reach out by any means for expert advice. We’re ready to help you find the best online quote and answer questions about pre-existing conditions.

Travel Insurance Options for Different Tourist Groups

A photo of a wonderful view of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, on a clear sunny day from the cable car

We aim to make visiting NZ travel insurance available to all travelers, regardless of age, health, sports interests, type of trip, or any other factors.

Sports Travel Insurance  

For trips to New Zealand, sports travel insurance mainly focuses on skiing. The country has excellent slopes for all skill levels. Ski travel insurance in NZ can cover you for ski- or snowboard-specific injuries. You can also get coverage for all types of sports, including team sports.

NOTE! We also provide coverage for athletes, coaches, and other participants and organizers of sports events. Plus, you can add liability insurance in case you harm third parties.

Travel Insurance for New Zealand Working Holiday  

If you’re a businessman, top manager, sales agent, or any other business representative who needs to visit this country for a business trip and have a working holiday here, we’re happy to help you. We want to recommend a service for you, which is insurance against incidents involving alcohol consumption.  

Business buffets, meetings, and evenings are often accompanied by small servings of good alcoholic beverages and cocktails. To not worry about any consequences, just add this point to your policy.  

Travel Insurance for Seniors  

It’s worth noting that many travel insurance providers place significant age restrictions. But not us—travel insurance in New Zealand for seniors is available for people up to 100 years old!  

Important! We want to point out that the cheapest travel insurance for seniors is not the best option because the health of people over 70 and especially over 80 usually has many nuances. Some travel after a heart attack, some suffer from forgetfulness and risk losing their luggage, and so on. Therefore, we recommend making a reasonable adjustment and not just getting a medical-only certificate but also adding travel cancellation insurance, lost luggage, and other useful and important things.

Seniors travel insurance in New Zealand is a reliable protection for the older generation against any mishaps during trips, walks, and flights. 

Travel Health Insurance  

Travel health insurance in New Zealand is the bare minimum that every tourist should have. Our service includes COVID, which remains relevant for both tourists and the countries they visit.  

Medical travel insurance in New Zealand is a base that one should not travel without, especially for such long trips as visiting this country. Because even minor medical help, especially inpatient, can easily turn into expenses exceeding your entire tour budget.  

Travel Insurance for Non-Residents in NZ  

Travel insurance for Australian citizens in New Zealand is another in-demand service. Residents from other countries in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa also frequently order policies. And everyone receives excellent service, affordable prices, and without exaggeration, the largest list of additional insurance services from us.  

A beautiful photo of the City of Wellington, taken on a clear summer day overlooking the pier where the boats are moored and the flowering tree of Pohutukawa, NZ

You’ll be able to engage in extreme sports, drink any beverages, travel through the mountains—and have reliable, 100% protection everywhere.  

Travel Insurance for New Zealand Residents  

Such an insurance product as travel insurance for New Zealand residents is important, for example, for domestic tourism. Or in cases when residents of this country are planning to travel the world and want to get sufficient insurance coverage for all eventualities.  

Choose the necessary options, piece together your personal policy like a puzzle, and complete it online in just a few minutes.

Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women

Another important feature of our service is the ability to get specialized coverage like pregnancy travel insurance in NZ. We help expectant mothers get a policy, even if they are late into their pregnancy. 

Our main principle in work and life is “reliable travel without borders and restrictions,” so our insurance services also shouldn’t have any bans or, even worse, discrimination. The main thing is to keep common sense and not risk your health or the health of your future child. We’ll take care of the rest.

Family Travel Insurance

One of the services in the “group travel insurance” category is family travel insurance in NZ. By getting this kind of coverage, you receive protection for all members of your family under one contract, no matter how big or diverse your family is. 

One of the most visited sites by tourists is the Hobbit House on the Hobbiton movie set, where the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies were filmed, in Matamata, NZ

The benefit is clear – you spend much less time, save money when ordering online, and get additional advantages.

Student Travel Insurance

Traveling among students is gaining popularity year by year. This is facilitated by the growing number of low-cost airlines, cheap hostels, affordable food, and simplified formal procedures.

Student travel insurance also shouldn’t be an obstacle when planning the budget and time of the trip. That’s why we make every effort to ensure that our insurance rates are among the lowest in the world while being flawless in quality. And you can apply from anywhere there’s internet.

Business Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance, like work vacations, is an integral part of the life of anyone whose professional activity involves frequent trips not only within their region or country but also around the world. 

It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a small business, a corporation CEO, a salesperson, or a government official. You will find the best insurance with us, with the flexibility to adjust it to fit your work schedule and personal interests in your free time.

Travel Insurance NZ Compare Different Types of Policies

A beautiful view of the walkway to the Nugget point lighthouse that illuminates the sun as it rises over the Pacific Ocean, NZ

Continuing the topic of the flexibility and versatility of our services, let’s say a few words about different types of insurance policies based on the length of stay and number of trips.

One-Way Travel Insurance

Modern technology and a changing job market allow many people to work remotely, living not where their job is, but where they want to be. One-way travel insurance in NZ is popular among various professionals and relocators, like digital nomads for example.

Insurance for a one-way trip has some specific features, but our support service is always ready to explain everything, helping you avoid pitfalls and get a clear, easy-to-understand insurance document.

Annual Travel Insurance

For people planning to stay in NZ for an extended period, annual travel insurance in New Zealand is probably the best option. When calculated per day, it’s hard to find something more balanced.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Any long-term travel insurance in New Zealand provided by our service defaults to an annual multi-trip travel insurance. Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t limit the number of trips you can take from the insurance location back home or to any other country.

The insurance works on a WorldWide basis, allowing you the fullest freedom of movement and maximum protection during your travels. Try it, and you’ll see for yourself!

Comparing Policies by Price and Package Content

Photo of Shakespeare Regional Park in New Zealand with sheep grazing on the lawn with the ocean in the background

In this section, you can compare NZ travel insurance prices. But we also recommend reading reviews to get a more accurate and unbiased opinion.

NOTE! Always be very careful where you read reviews. Only trust the most reputable recommendation services and social networks. Also, remember that out of 10 completely satisfied customers, maybe only one will write a positive review. Negative feelings often spark more activity. Keep this in mind when weighing pros and cons.

Cheap Travel Insurance

Even cheap travel insurance in NZ doesn’t always mean “low quality,” “bad,” or anything else that doesn’t meet your expectations. For example, it could be a one-time, short-term policy. So it’s cheap compared to a year-long travel insurance quote in NZ.

If you’re looking at budget travel insurance with minimal coverage, know that such insurance is only suitable when you’re certain about what you’ll be doing on your trip and what you definitely won’t be.

Best Travel Insurance

If you want maximum protection at a reasonable cost, it’s best to think carefully before buying a policy and consider what risks, even minimal, may arise. Then thoughtfully compile a list of services to include in your certificate. This type of travel insurance will be the best.

Note! If you like to travel with your own vehicle, the best travel insurance for New Zealand should also cover your car or motorcycle. However, given that this is an island country far away from other states, it may be more reasonable to rent the vehicle you need right there upon arrival or in advance. And not take your own motor equipment on the cruise.

Buy Travel Insurance Online

photo of an incredible place in New Zealand - Pancake Rocks in Punakaiki with the ocean and trees in the background

Buying travel insurance in NZ in real-time is very easy. Just fill out an application on the website, entering all the necessary information in the appropriate fields. Then, pay for the certificate. After that, an electronic policy will be sent to your email, and it will be just as reliable as the one you could only get before by visiting an insurance company’s office or calling an agent to your home.

Online insurance is not only much faster but also noticeably cheaper since overhead costs are significantly reduced. And travel insurance online for New Zealand is no exception. So don’t miss this excellent opportunity to buy travel insurance online for NZ right here, right now, with just a few clicks!

In conclusion, we recommend that you look at another table we’ve put together. It contains the most common insurance cases with treatment costs. Look at it and ask yourself a simple question: are you willing to risk such amounts to save a few extra dollars a day?

FactorSymptoms and TreatmentAverage Cost (NZD)
Food PoisoningVomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain100 – 500
SunburnRedness, pain50 – 150
Mountain SicknessHeadache, nausea, weakness200 – 800
Insect BitesItching, swelling, possible disease transmission50 – 200
Sprains and DislocationsPain, limited movement200 – 1000
Cuts and ScrapesBleeding, pain50 – 200
DehydrationDry skin, weakness, headache100 – 500
Heat ExhaustionWeakness, dizziness, sweating50 – 150
FracturesPain, limb deformation500 – 2000
Animal BitesVomiting, pain, possible infection100 – 500

The table provides approximate, average treatment costs for various conditions in hospitals in New Zealand. However, the cost may vary depending on different factors, including the severity of the condition, the medical facility’s class, its location, etc.


Do you need travel insurance for New Zealand?

Travel insurance is not mandatory for visiting New Zealand. But all tourists who have been to this country unanimously recommend in their reviews not to skimp and at least buy a basic policy. The reason is simple: this country has a very high level of medical care and equally high prices for it.

How much is travel insurance NZ?

Basic travel insurance in NZ starts at $1.5 per day. You can further upgrade it by adding many additional services to the certificate.

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