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Travel insurance in Singapore can help save you money in case of unexpected situations related to health problems. Medical care in this city is incredibly expensive, so buying inexpensive insurance is a prudent move, as no one can predict what will happen on your trip. You can take out insurance in Singapore on the insurance company’s website online.

Where to Buy Insurance in Singapore

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Insurance to Singapore can be arranged online on the company’s website in less than five minutes. It only requires you to select the amount of coverage:

  • 30000$;
  • 100 000$;
  • 500 000$;
  • 1 000 000$

The price depends on the age of the insured, the purpose of travel and term of insurance. For active, extreme holidays, the insurance price will be higher, due to the extended number of cases. Minimum term of travel insurance is 2 days. You can buy an insurance policy for a convenient period (year, month, week, day).

How to buy insurance in Singapore

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You need to choose an insurance package on the website, specify the period of validity of the policy and enter your personal information – name, surname, date of birth. After that, you should pay immediately on the website or via messenger, and the insurance in Singapore will come to your email. If an insured event occurs, you need to call the company’s hotline or report the situation to email.


Does the medical policy cover countries other than Singapore?

The insurance is only valid in the countries specified in the policy.

Can I use my travel insurance in Singapore to treat a sports-related injury?

You need sports insurance for extreme holidays, normal travel insurance does not cover sports injuries.

Before going to Singapore, the details of the passport for which the insurance was issued were changed. What should I do?

Any data changes that were used when arranging insurance for a trip to Singapore should be reported to the insurance company.

Do I need to undergo a medical examination to purchase insurance?

In most cases, it is not mandatory.

Can I extend my insurance options to Singapore after purchase?

Of course, such a possibility exists. You can always mark the required insurance policy changes in our chatbot or via messenger.

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