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If you need reliable insurance for the Maldives, which will make your trip abroad much more relaxed and safe, our company offers its services. Compulsory insurance policy for tourists going to the island state in the middle of the Indian Ocean allows you to protect yourself from many financial risks during your trip. 

Before going abroad you can explore all the options, read reviews of our services to make sure of the quality of service. Clients are offered several insurance products with different coverage amounts, lists of items, deductibles, and other features.

While the basic option includes only basic medical services, the premium package allows you to insure yourself against most troubles on the road, and cover even the cost of search operations or sending you back home.

Basic list of insurance coverage

photo of a white beach with palm trees, turquoise water and a house with a jetty in the Maldives

If you are flying to the Maldives, medical insurance must cover all major traveler risks typical of a resort vacation. Let’s enumerate what they may be:

  • Getting injured, requiring the help of a specialist
  • Heat and sunstroke, burns
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases, allergies, acclimatization problems
  • Infectious diseases, food infections, poisonings
  • Accidents
  • You should also be sure to get covid coverage.

Your policy allows you to pay for a doctor’s consultation and call, get a prescription, and buy medication. If your condition requires hospitalization, your insurance policy will cover the cost of hospitalization.

ServiceAverage cost in EUR
Visit to the doctor for a consultation50-90
Receipt of prescription20-40
Complex of basic tests50-80

Canceling or rescheduling a flight

One common problem faced by travelers is delayed or canceled flights. The reasons can be anything. For example, malfunctions, problems at the airport or even a bomb call. This is not to mention the bad weather at the point of departure.

If you have pre-paid accommodation, various services, then there is a great risk of losing part of the amount. Therefore, Maldives travel insurance will be a logical solution to protect your interests.

It is also possible to include risks on your side in the policy. For example, you had an event that prevented you from getting on a plane in time, or made you give up your tickets and lose part of the money. Yes, it will slightly increase the cost of the policy, but 100% of the cost is recouped.

Loss of luggage

It is very important that travel insurance in the Maldives protects not only against health risks. It is also worth to include the costs associated with the loss or damage of your belongings. If your luggage is not found, you will receive compensation. The average price of insurance for travel to the Maldives will increase slightly, but not critically.

photo taken from high up on the capital of the Maldives, Malé, with its pier, yachts and boats washed by the Indian Ocean

If you are planning to rent a boat, jet ski, yacht, diving equipment, car, etc., it is advisable that your policy covers risks of loss, damage, or destruction. 

If you need medical insurance in the Maldives, you can buy it online at our website.


Do I need insurance in the Maldives?

Yes, you definitely need to buy a policy.

What are the requirements for insurance in the Maldives?

Coverage for Covid-19, emergency medical care, homecoming, repatriation and emergency dental care. The policy must have a limit of €30,000 or more.

Rules of entry to the Maldives?

You need to fill out a declaration of health, to present the test and medical insurance policy.

Do I need a visa to the Maldives?

Stamp is put on the spot.

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