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You’ve got your visa, book your accommodations, and all that’s left is to buy insurance to the United States to cover the significant risks. You can do it online from the comfort of your home. 

You can find out which type of policy is right for you from our consultants. In addition, they’ll tell you how much medical insurance to America costs and what risks you should consider.

Main areas of insurance

Traveling abroad involves risks for health, life, and property. Thus, it’s better to include all items you need in the policy for a trip to the USA. For example, if you want to rent a car there, get third-party liability insurance.

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Are you playing sports or doing extreme sports? So, health insurance should include common injuries to cyclists, skiers, rock climbers, divers, surfers, etc. Finally, full insurance will give you a guarantee of financial protection in the most unpleasant situations:

  • Loss of luggage. If you’re carrying a professional camera, laptop or anything else worth more than $1,000, it’s worth thinking about compensation. 
  • Flight problems. Flights sometimes get canceled for a variety of reasons. If your American trip is postponed due to circumstances beyond your control, the policy covers your lost money. For example, for prepaid services, accommodation, etc.
  • It is also worth insuring against the risk of visa denial. 
  • Sometimes, due to unforeseen situations, you have to return tickets and lose a part of the cost of booking a hotel or something like that. Fortunately, travel insurance to the USA includes such risks as well.

If you’re planning a trip abroad while you’re pregnant, include maternity insurance in your policy. It allows you to receive specialized care until 27 weeks. 

For a tourist or traveler

A large percentage of people entering the United States come to visit various tourist attractions. For example, on excursions or for other recreational purposes. Accordingly, tourists need travel insurance to America for the period of their stay there. 

Photo of a beautiful Road with many twists and turns through Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, USA

The type of protection depends on the time of year and purpose. For example, if you’re going to the cold states in winter and planning to ski, include these risks in the cost of insurance. Similarly, with surfing, rafting, and other extreme entertainment and outdoor activities. 

It’s also worth insuring luggage, considering the likelihood of problems with it at the airport. Busy terminals often lead to such issues.

Business travel insurance

The next area is compulsory insurance for people traveling on business or temporary/permanent employment. Here everything depends on the timing. For example, entrepreneurs may visit the country to contact their partners. Also, it’s common for our citizens to move when they change jobs. 

Please note!
Note that the USA’s health insurance price in a year is more favorable than the monthly payment. That’s because we give a discount to clients who are insured for 12 months and more. So, it makes sense to take this policy if you’re traveling for a long time

Student travel insurance to the USA

Another area for which many people buy insurance in the USA for a year is traveling for education. These are various exchange programs, grants won by students, as well as entering the Western universities. Therefore, we offer a favorable cost of health insurance in the USA for students. 

Types of policies offered to our clients

The price of the policy plays a critical role for many travelers going abroad. We offer a choice of three main variants: basic (covering essential medical services), extended (covid, accident, repatriation coverage), and premium.

A photo of New York City from a high altitude view of Midtown, Manhattan on a clear day United States of America

The latter is more expensive but compensates for maximum expenses, including search operations, ticket refunds or flight cancellations, and other problems for vacationers on the way. You can include in the policy those items that are relevant to you. Feedback from other tourists helps with your final decision if you need insurance in America.


First, how do I get insurance in the USA?

Fill out the form on our website, enter your information, and pay. Then, download the document from your mail. You can print it out if necessary.

Is insurance required in America? 

Yes, it’s mandatory. The USA is one of the TOP-5 countries with the highest prices for medical services.

How much does insurance cost in the USA?

It depends on terms, coverage, franchise, and other factors. You can find a calculator concerning the information on rates on the website.

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