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Travel insurance in the Philippines is a mandatory document that helps travelers in unforeseen situations. International Travelers Insurance has been working in this popular destination for many years, offering not only affordable but also very flexible products that can be tailored to each vacationer or business traveler. The Philippines has been a part of our worldwide travel insurance plans for years, so you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality services.

Travel Insurance to Philippines from Any Сountry in the World

An evening photo of the business district of Manil - Makati City in the Philippines with high-rise offices and low houses

Travel insurance with COVID coverage to Philippines for visitors is now considered a standard service. Despite the decline in the number of cases, countries and their medical authorities around the world are not in a hurry to forget the dangers of the coronavirus. Therefore, insurance coverage for it is also important and often mandatory for tourists. After all, you can get infected anywhere – at the terminal, on a bus, in a taxi, or in a store.

By the way, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the top 10 most popular cities for tourism in the Philippines, including the distance from the airport to the city center and the cost of taxis and public transportation.

CityAirportDistance to Center (in km)Taxi Fare (in PHP)Public Transportation Fare (in PHP)
ManilaNinoy Aquino International7-12200-40020-50
CebuMactan-Cebu International15-20300-50040-80
DavaoFrancisco Bangoy International15-20250-40030-60
SubicClark-Subic International80-901500-2000200-400
Puerto PrincesaPuerto Princesa International5-7150-30020-50
BaguioLoakan-Baguio International6-8250-40030-60
CalabarzonNinoy Aquino International60-801500-2000200-400
IloiloIloilo International30-40500-70050-100
CebuMactan-Cebu International12-15300-50040-80
ZamboangaZamboanga International10-15300-50040-80

Travel Insurance from Philippines to Worldwide

Photo of Las Cabanas Beach in El Nido on Palawan Island in the Philippines with a beautiful view of the South China Sea and palm trees

Another area of our company’s activity is providing travel insurance for travelers from the Philippines to destinations worldwide. This service is often used by residents of the country and professionals working on relocation who are not always satisfied with local travel insurance. We are ready to provide competent assistance to everyone since purchasing a policy online is available anywhere in the world with internet access.

There is a stable demand for travel insurance Philippines to Europe, especially when a Schengen visa requires it. Some other destinations are also popular, such as travel insurance to Canada from Philippines and travel insurance to USA from Philippines.

The table below shows the most popular destinations for tourism from the Philippines. The prices and travel times are listed from Manila to the capital of the destination country.

CountryCapitalFlight Time (in hours)Average Flight Price (in PHP)
South KoreaSeoul3-412,000-18,000
USAWashington, D.C.16-1840,000-60,000
United KingdomLondon13-1545,000-60,000
New ZealandWellington12-1460,000-80,000

Insurance Philippines Coverage 

photo of Manila Cathedral with amazing architecture, in Manila's oldest neighborhood Intramuros, Philippines

Basic travel medical insurance for traveling abroad provides a minimal set of services. Typically, this includes treatment and transportation coverage. However, there are a significant number of options that can be added to the policy:

  • You can protect yourself from cancellation or non-departure;
  • Insure the tickets themselves;
  • Obtain guaranteed liability insurance;
  • Purchase a variety of options to further protect yourself.

Travel health insurance in the Philippines is an important but only part of the comprehensive services we are ready to provide. According to many users, we are currently the best travel insurance company in terms of price/quality ratio, so we have a corresponding approach to work and clients.

Insurance Philippines Exclusions

Photo of a man walking along a trail in the green hills towards Mayon Volcano, Quitinday Hills region, Philippines

Each company has its own terms and conditions that must be familiarized with before deciding to purchase a policy online or in the office. Standard travel insurance for the Philippines, like for any other country in the world, often does not consider incidents that occurred due to the insured person’s fault while being under the influence of alcohol. There may also be difficulties in recognizing cases related to mental conditions, pregnancy complications, and so on.

However, at our company, it is possible to receive essentially unlimited insurance services, including coverage while under the influence of alcohol. Let’s delve into this in more detail.

Comparing Travel Insurance for the Philippines

An aerial photo of the cliffs and turquoise water at El Nido in the Philippines, with people and vacationers on the beach and boats floating nearby

First, it is necessary to distinguish between cheap and expensive insurance from quality and poor services. When it comes to cost, it is assumed that the price is the equivalent of the quantity of services, but not their quality. This is important to understand that travel insurance for the Philippines cannot be too cheap; in reality, it may turn out to be a deception.

Now let’s compare travel insurance – minimum and maximum.

Best Travel Insurance Philippines

Panoramic view of Sumilon Island beach near Oslob City in the Philippines

Of course, the best travel insurance for the Philippines is one that can be compared to a five-star hotel. In other words, “all-inclusive.” The modern insurance market is very flexible, and policies can be customized according to the needs and capabilities of each traveler. In addition to the ones mentioned above, it can include:

  • Extreme sports;
  • Protection against financial risks;
  • Damage to rental equipment;
  • Compensation for search operations tourist;
  • Trip cancellation;
  • Liability to third parties;
  • Lost baggage;
  • Cases while under the influence of alcohol;
  • And much more.

Cheapest Travel Insurance Philippines

Cheap, meaning the most affordable travel insurance in the Philippines, is a basic set of medical services and nothing more. You should not expect any significant bonuses or the ability to have freedom in extreme sports and other risky activities.

But if you want to get reasonable medical protection at minimal costs, it is important to know that even cheap travel insurance with coverage for COVID-19 in the Philippines is a reality. Yes, that’s right, in the current epidemiological situation, which is still not normalized, even the cheapest travel insurance to Philippines can include a coronavirus package. Affordable travel insurance for the elderly is available for senior travelers. And if your travel group is a large and friendly family, then family travel insurance in the Philippines is the perfect solution for you.

A girl in a black and white dress walks down an old street in Manila city

To understand how much attempting to save on a comprehensive policy could cost you, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the cost of medical treatment in the Philippines in the table below.

Medical ServiceEstimated Price in US Dollars
Doctor’s consultation$20 – $50
Routine doctor’s examination$30 – $60
Specialist consultation$40 – $100
Treatment for common flu$20 – $50
Simple X-ray$30 – $80
Ultrasound examination$40 – $100
CT scan$150 – $300
MRI scan$300 – $500
Stitching$20 – $50
Dental filling$30 – $100
Appendectomy (appendix removal)$1,000 – $2,000
Caesarean section$2,000 – $4,000
Total knee replacement$5,000 – $10,000
Tumor removal surgery$2,000 – $10,000
By simple arithmetic, you can calculate that travel health insurance Philippines, especially short-term coverage, pays off even with the most minor medical services.


Where to get travel insurance Philippines?

Accredited travel insurance from ITI is a guarantee of service quality and insurer’s responsibility, no matter where in the world you are. You can buy a policy either at the company’s office or from representatives, as well as online.

How much is a travel insurance in the Philippines?

It depends on how long you will be staying in the country, whether it’s a one-time trip or multiple trips, and what services you want to include. For your convenience, we offer several tariff plans, which you can review right here and now. By the way, the price of online travel insurance may be lower, so it’s good to keep that in mind. Another good option is the discounted rate for annual travel insurance based on the duration of your stay.

How to buy travel insurance online?

To buy travel insurance online Philippines, simply click on the “GET A QUOTE” button, fill in the required fields, and follow the instructions. You can also call the toll-free number or leave your contact details for further assistance regarding travel insurance in the Philippines.

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