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Medical travel insurance in China is a must for traveling abroad. You should insure against various risks for health, life, including the possibility of Covid infection, as well as problems related to departure, property (yours and third parties’).

Our company offers you a profitable opportunity to buy insurance in China online without overpayment. You decide which type of online travel insurance policy suits you. For example, basic medical insurance in China includes only primary medical care as well as coverage for injuries. While the advanced package allows you to get financial protection from a multitude of problems. Read reviews, compare prices for different products.

What you need to insure for your trip

So, what are the main risks? First of all, these are traumas, accidents, acute and chronic diseases, poisonings and other health problems of people visiting China. Therefore, when taking out medical insurance for a trip to China, it is important to immediately take into account any illnesses, allergies, or other problems you may have. High risk groups include young children (high accident rate, food poisoning and infections) as well as elderly citizens with various age-related problems.

photo of China's main landmark, the Great Wall of China, against a background of green trees in cloudy weather

That is why it is important that medical insurance in China includes not only basic medical aid, but also full treatment, doctor on call, prescription of medicines, and, if necessary, hospitalization or transportation to a medical institution or home country.

We also add emergency dentistry. That is, cases where you have a need for inflammation, a source of acute pain, or other serious problems that cannot be postponed.

There are good clinics in China, but even a simple consultation will cost you a pretty penny. Therefore, when taking out insurance in China, the price should include all key medical services.

ServicePrice, USD
Consultation of therapist/specialist without tests in Beijing50-100 / 215-250
Consultation with a neurologist190
Examination, tests, prescription at International Medical Center, pills350
Cost of stay in a room, per day300

You can find out the full cost of insurance for traveling to China/Hong Kong and arrange a policy without leaving home, without calls or other complications. On our website, all procedures are carried out in a few clicks. Then you can download and, if you wish, print the finished document.

Non-medical risks insured by our company

However, medicine is not the only line of business worth taking care of in advance. For example, if you are planning to rent a vehicle, take out liability insurance to avoid having to pay for expensive equipment in case of damage. 

Also, travel insurance in China may include loss of luggage. No one is insured against such situations. You get a part of the sum at once. The rest in case the luggage is not found by the Chinese airport staff.

What other problems can occur? 

A colorful photo of the glowing evening city of Guiyang, China, with classical and modern Chinese architecture on the Nanming River

Cancelling your flight and having to wait for the next one. It is advisable that your travel insurance for China include this possibility. 

  • Cancellation of the ticket due to circumstances beyond your control
  • You can even include in the policy a search and rescue operation if you get lost during the excursion. 

Planning to buy insurance in China online, consider what types of risks are relevant for your trip. It makes no sense to include in the policy what you are unlikely to face. But don’t overlook the most likely problems, either.


Is insurance required for a visa to China?

Yes, it is a mandatory requirement for all foreigners coming to China.

Are there any restrictions on entering China?

PCR/certificate/certificate from a doctor in international format is required.

Can I enter China without a vaccination?

Yes, but you have to wait two weeks in quarantine.

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