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Medical insurance policy to Europe is a mandatory document for entering European countries, whatever the purpose of your visit. Tourists, athletes, migrant workers – all categories of visitors must have insurance.

The policy may be for tourism, employment, or sports – depending on the purpose of visiting a particular country. You can buy any of them online on the insurance company’s website at a low price.

What is included in health insurance

Health insurance in Europe guarantees emergency medical care and coverage. You buy an inexpensive policy, but in case of an insured event you have access to services that are at least unprofitable and expensive to pay on your own.

What is included in the insurance:

  • Emergency inpatient care;
  • Medicaid;
  • Outpatient and polyclinic care;
  • Consultation with doctors in the inpatient setting;
  • COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment, observation.

There is also a possibility to add additional services and insured events to the policy on client’s request. Travel insurance in Europe is drawn up individually, taking into account the client’s needs. If, for example, you need sports insurance to cover limb fractures, injuries typical of athletes, you can choose such an insurance package at our website and immediately arrange it online.


Where to buy a travel insurance policy to Europe

The insurance company offers quality insurance with the option to buy the policy online. The insurance is issued on the company’s website: to buy it, you need to select a tariff package, enter the term of the policy, the data of the insured and pay the amount calculated by the online calculator. After the payment is made, the insurance comes by email.

If an insured event occurs in Europe, you need to contact our partners on the phone number listed in the policy, report the incident, stating your name, surname, phone number and policy number. You can also notify the insurance company about the accident via chatbot or messenger.

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