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Millions of people every year require insurance in Italy for various periods ranging from a few days to a year. The insurance company offers its services in the field of tourist insurance for citizens. This can be travel insurance, a policy for students, travelers, bloggers, journalists. Some people need to arrange documents for going abroad to work. In each case, you can choose the optimal product in the field of online insurance.

So, if you plan to ride in Rome, walk along the streets of Naples or swim along the canals of Venice on gondolas, you will need medical insurance in Italy, including coverage for all major risks associated with trips abroad.

Medical Risks

beautiful photo of colorful houses on a cliff washed by the Mediterranean Sea in Cinque Terre National Park, Italy

What should be covered by medical insurance for a visa to Italy, in order for your vacation to be relatively calm?

  • Consultation and doctor’s visit;
  • Prescription and purchase of medications;
  • Analysis and various types of hardware diagnostics;
  • Staying in a clinic.

In addition, the cost of medical insurance for Italy can include dentistry, services of an obstetrician-gynecologist for consultation of pregnant women.

Many people who plan a tour, a work visit, or a trip for other reasons have chronic diseases that can manifest themselves or worsen on the way. These risks need to be taken into account.

ServiceCost in EUR
Daily rate of a private clinic ward without treatment700 – 4000
Consultation and prescription60-150
MRI (one section)400-640

Although Italian healthcare is on average 30% cheaper than, for example, Austrian healthcare, serious illness, injury or other medical problems can cost several thousand euros for diagnosis, treatment and even more if a person needs to be hospitalized. Buying insurance policy is definitely more cost-effective. Especially since you can buy insurance for Italy literally in a couple of clicks, without leaving your home. Our company offers various packages that can cover any expenses, from calling a doctor to your hotel room, to transportation back to your home country.

Flight cancellation, no-show, ticket refund

You’ve planned your flight, but the flight was cancelled. Automatically, you lose money on prepaid services and bookings. The solution to this problem is travel insurance for Italy, which covers such risks.

Moreover, travel insurance for Italy can help if entry into this country is prohibited or if you had to surrender your tickets for any reason beyond your control.

Insurance for obtaining visas and residence permits

Do you need insurance for an Italian visa? Yes, you can’t obtain documents without medical insurance policy. This is a general rule for all categories of citizens planning to enter the territory of this European state.

Famous narrow streets in Italy, the photo shows one such street in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome with a small car and a paving block

If you’re applying for long-term stay documents, you’ll also need insurance for a residence permit in Italy, covering all possible expenses.

Luggage, property, liability

When purchasing insurance for travel to Italy online, it is not only important to consider health and life risks. It is also crucial to insure risks related to your own and other people’s property. For example, luggage of passengers is often lost or damaged in different airports and train stations. If you are carrying something valuable, expensive, or fragile, it is better to include it in the policy in order to compensate for any potential damage.

The next type of insurance is liability insurance. Car owners are well aware of what this means. Suppose you have rented a vehicle – a car, boat, yacht, quad bike, etc. During the operation, you can damage the equipment or, for example, collide with someone. The insurance policy will help cover any potential material damage.

How to purchase insurance for Italy online?

Photo of the main attraction of Italy - Colosseum in Rome against the background of the setting sun on a clear summer day

First, research different insurance policies, read reviews, and compare rates. Choose the options that are important for your trip. Then, fill out the application, make the payment, and receive the completed document.


How much does insurance cost for Italy?

The exact cost of insurance for Italy depends on the type of coverage, deductible, and other factors. Therefore, it is determined individually.

Do I need a visa for Italy?

Yes, as the country is part of the Schengen Area.

Do I need insurance to travel to Italy?

Yes, you are required to have travel insurance for Italy.

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