Travel Insurance for Worldwide

One of the most rational types of policies for travelers and business travelers who are constantly on the move around the world is worldwide travel insurance. By obtaining such a service once, you will no longer have to worry about unforeseen expenses anywhere on the globe for the entire duration of the policy – you can confidently embark on adventures worldwide.

Our service offers a variety of Worldwide insurance options. There are basic policies, extended PRO series policies that work on an “all-inclusive” principle. You can choose any policy duration, numerous additional options, and the best value.

Insurance Period

Depending on your plans for the coming weeks, months, and years, you can choose different types of policies – from single short-term to annual ones. Let’s consider the features of each type presented:

Annual Worldwide Travel Insurance

A picture of a notebook on a table next to a mug and glasses, and in the notebook it says: "annual leave" for which travel insurance is required

If you know for sure that you will have a very travel-intensive life in the near future, worldwide annual travel insurance is the only reliable option for obtaining insurance. This approach not only saves you money per day but also saves you a lot of time by not having to apply for policies every time. Plus, you get the additional guarantee that you won’t forget to insure yourself at the last minute when you need to leave for the airport or present the policy as a mandatory document for obtaining a visa. An annual policy allows you to not think about it for 365 days.

By the way, our service’s annual worldwide travel insurance also includes a discount of 10 to 15 percent. Thus, a one-year travel insurance is a pure benefit.

Worldwide Multi Trip Travel Insurance

a girl holding a map and planning her multiple trip abroad

If you have several trips planned but not too many, it makes sense not to spend money on a 12-month policy. It will be sufficient to have insurance for multiple trips, which is also known as multi-trip worldwide travel insurance.

  • Our service offers several tariff plans, so you can choose:
  • Basic policy – standard policy that covers the most demanded and accessible medical services.
  • Extended policy – includes baggage, trip cancellation protection, and some other options.
  • Maximum coverage – includes all currently available insurance risks.

More details about each type of travel insurance worldwide will be provided later in the section comparing different types of insurance products.

Single Trip Worldwide Travel Insurance

photo of a girl traveling solo in a hotel room standing near the window holding a suitcase with a backpack on her back

One-time worldwide travel insurance cover is appropriate when you are certain that your trip will be a one-time event for at least the next 6 months or more. In this situation, it makes sense to purchase a policy for exactly the number of days you plan to be on the trip. Moreover, the low cost of a single trip allows you to include as many insurance cases as possible in the certificate, so that you feel comfortable and protected no matter what happens and how you spend your holiday.

One-trip worldwide travel insurance, like other services, is available online.

Who is Suitable for Insurance

We strive to provide quality and reliable insurance services that are accessible to all travelers, regardless of their frequency of international trips, marital status, or age. Almost anyone can purchase insurance from us.

Worldwide Family Travel Insurance

Beautiful photo of a family with a child and a dog sitting on a pier near a lake, with a mountain and dense forest in the background, with backpacks on their backs

For a large and close-knit family, there is family worldwide travel insurance, which allows consolidating the insurance policies of all family members into a single document. It is a flexible insurance tool that provides multi-level protection against accidents, unforeseen circumstances, and emergencies.

Family worldwide travel insurance can also vary in duration. It can be annual, multi-trip, or single-trip policies.

By the way, such a policy is also available for a couple without children. And, like in all other cases, annual family travel insurance worldwide would be the most suitable option for families who are actively traveling around the world.

Travel Insurance for Seniors

photo of fashionable pensioners at the airport looking at their boarding tickets, with two suitcases next to them

We actively and happily provide worldwide travel insurance for those over 65 and older. If necessary, you can also arrange annual travel insurance worldwide for people over 70, 75, and even over 80 years old. We believe that age should not be a barrier to travel. After all, many people work until their advanced years precisely to be able to relax as they wish, including in nearby and distant countries. Therefore, age should not be an obstacle for those who need to obtain worldwide travel insurance for over 70s.

Student Travel Insurance

Photo of students with suitcases laughing loudly during a student trip to study in another country

Student travel insurance is also highly popular among young people who are capable of thinking and assessing risks. Youth is often accompanied by a certain carefree attitude. And sometimes seemingly carefree and fun actions can lead to more or less significant health problems. Health insurance allows students to receive prompt medical assistance and avoid finding themselves in extremely difficult financial situations. In many tourist countries, medical care for foreigners is so expensive that it can cost significantly more than just an insurance policy or the entire trip. We also have special insurance products for students studying abroad, which you can learn about further in the text.

Trip Type

image of a person choosing a type of travel insurance in the form of a 3d-icon

Another type of insurance policy classification is based on the type of trip. There are four main categories:

  • Active leisure: This may include sports activities, cruise ship, and other activities associated with increased risk.
  • Insurance for people working abroad: Extended stays in foreign countries without insurance significantly increase the risk of losing all earnings in a clinic or private hospital.
  • Student policies: Mandatory for those who are not going for short courses or small internships, but are fully studying at a foreign educational institution with a long stay abroad.
  • Business insurance: The optimal option for business owners, top managers, and other professionals whose job responsibilities involve constant travel, which can be effectively protected by worldwide medical travel insurance.

Let’s focus on each type separately and examine them in more detail.

Travel Insurance with Activity Coverage

a girl and a guy with backpacks are engaged in outdoor activities abroad and go hiking in the mountains

A significant number of travelers prefer active pursuits and sports activities during vacations rather than simply lounging on a beach. However, basic policies are not associated with active leisure and do not cover injuries sustained during training and competitions of any level, including winter sports, water activities, and contact sports. A special policy with activity coverage may even include worldwide cruise travel insurance. Such policy is a necessary condition for your comfortable trip, as the risks associated with active leisure and cruises are significantly higher.

Working Abroad Insurance

a man in a yellow helmet and a blue uniworm is working abroad on a forklift

For individuals working abroad, having an insurance policy is not only important but often a mandatory requirement for obtaining permits, visas, and official employment with an employer. Even if you are engaging in seasonal work, it is not worth taking risks – buy insurance and protect yourself from all unpleasant surprises. Simple food poisoning can result in extended periods of forced fasting due to astronomical medical expenses, especially if hospitalization is required.

Study Abroad Insurance

A girl student who came to study in another country is photographed against the background of the university with a backpack on her back and notebooks in her hands

Obtaining prestigious foreign education can be quite challenging without the appropriate insurance policy. Moreover, only truly well-off students, or rather their parents, can afford treatment abroad without insurance coverage. Therefore, it is better to be prepared in advance and arrange policy before the moment when real medical assistance may be needed.

Worldwide Business Travel Insurance

a man and a girl in strict business suits walking through the airport getting ready for a business trip

For business travelers with frequent work-related trips, the cost of worldwide travel insurance when purchasing an annual policy is also an opportunity for significant savings. The more trips, the cheaper the policy per day of travel. Time savings are also essential for business people. Therefore, worldwide business trip insurance is the optimal choice.

Top Countries for Worldwide Travel


map with flags of European countries to which a tourist can travel
CountryCost of healthcareCurrencyLanguage
Belarus$Belarusian rubleBelarusian
Belgium$$$EuroFrench, Dutch
Bulgaria$Bulgarian levBulgarian
United Kingdom$$$British poundEnglish
Ireland$$$EuroIrish, English
Luxembourg$$$EuroLuxembourgish, French, German
Russia$Russian rubleRussian
Romania$Romanian leuRomanian
Turkey$Turkish liraTurkish
Ukraine$Ukrainian hryvniaUkrainian
Finland$$EuroFinnish, Swedish
Montenegro$$EuroMontenegrin, Serbian
Czech Republic$$Czech crownCzech
Switzerland$$$Swiss francGerman, French, Italian, Romansh
Sweden$$Swedish kronaSwedish


Paper lanterns are one of the most famous things in Asian culture
CountryCost of healthcareCurrencyLanguage
Vietnam$Vietnamese dongVietnamese
Israel$$$Israeli shekelHebrew
India$Indian rupeeHindi, English
Indonesia$Indonesian rupiahIndonesian
Iran$$Iranian rialPersian
China$$Chinese yuanChinese
Kazakhstan$Kazakh tengeKazakh
Maldives$$Maldivian rufiyaaDhivehi, English
Nepal$Nepalese rupeeNepali
United Arab Emirates$$$UAE dirhamArabic
Singapore$$Singapore dollarEnglish, Malay, Chinese, Tamil
Thailand$Thai bahtThai
Philippines$Philippine pesoFilipino
South Korea$$South Korean wonKorean
Japan$$$Japanese yenJapanese


photo of a savannah and grass field in Kruger National Park in South Africa
CountryCost of healthcareCurrencyLanguage
Egypt$Egyptian poundArabic
Tunisia$Tunisian dinarArabic, French


Classic American Highway at Valley of Fire State Park, Las Vegas, Nevada, North America, USA
CountryCost of healthcareCurrencyLanguage
Canada$$$Canadian dollarEnglish, French
Mexico$$Mexican pesoSpanish
USA$$$US dollarEnglish

Australia and Oceania

Palau, Ngeruktabel Island - UNESCO World Heritage Site in Oceania
CountryCost of healthcareCurrencyLanguage
Australia$$$Australian dollarEnglish
New Zealand$$$New Zealand dollarEnglish, Maori

What Does Insurance Cover

stickers in a notebook on the basic question "What does insurance cover?" and additional stickers about insurance limits, deductibles, etc.

Even a basic policy usually includes worldwide travel insurance with COVID cover. However, you shouldn’t expect coverage for more serious conditions, minor injuries, or significant medical assistance.

But if you opt for a more comprehensive package, you will be protected from practically everything, including injuries sustained during extreme sports or while under the influence. It can cover both scenarios as well.

For individuals with chronic health problems, there is a special product called worldwide travel insurance with medical conditions coverage.

What Insurance Doesn’t Cover

an employee of the insurance company explains to the client what travel insurance does not cover

Policies have certain limitations. Here are some things that are usually not covered by worldwide travel insurance:

  1. Pre-existing conditions: Most policies do not cover medical expenses related to pre-existing conditions that you had before. However, if you experience an exacerbation of a pre-existing condition, your treatment may be covered by the company.
  2. Adventure sports (in standard policies): Worldwide travel insurance may not cover injuries or accidents that occur during high-risk activities such as skydiving, rock climbing, diving, and others.
  3. Intentional acts: Policy does not cover damages or injuries caused intentionally by the insured person.
  4. War and terrorism (in basic policies): Damages or losses caused by war, acts of terrorism, or civil unrest.
  5. Illegal activities: Any damages or losses incurred while engaging in illegal activities are not covered by worldwide travel insurance.
  6. Alcohol or drug-related incidents (in basic policies): Injuries or damages that you or others caused under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not covered.

Compare Worldwide Travel Insurance

a cell phone with a screen that says compare travel insurance and holiday insurance

Now that you have learned about the main types of WorldWide insurance, it’s time to compare worldwide travel insurance options.

Best Worldwide Travel Insurance

Experienced travelers know that the best worldwide travel insurance offers the widest range of coverage. In simpler terms, it’s an “all-inclusive” package. By paying a certain amount upfront, you no longer limit yourself in trips and don’t have to worry about hiking, skiing, or enjoying a glass of wine before a boat trip.

We are ready to offer you the best annual worldwide travel insurance that excels in service quality, coverage options, and cost.

Cheap Worldwide Travel Insurance

The cheapest worldwide travel insurance is still better than having no coverage at all. However, it’s important to understand that the coverage area will be limited. Of course, if you’re considering backpacker travel insurance and prioritizing saving money as part of your trip philosophy, it’s an acceptable option. But if you want a policy that covers yourself, baggage, liability, and various emergencies, a cheap annual travel insurance worldwide policy is unlikely to be a worthy choice. Just explore online reviews to validate these statements.


What countries does worldwide travel insurance cover?

Worldwide travel insurance is called that because it applies to all countries on our planet.

How much is worldwide travel insurance?

The average price of a basic policy for all countries is around one dollar per day. But we keep emphasizing that it’s better to pay, for example, twice as much and receive coverage for five times the number of insurance cases.

Do I need worldwide travel insurance?

Only you can answer that question. However, if you’re planning multiple trips, especially to different continents, worldwide travel insurance is definitely necessary. And you can buy the best-priced worldwide travel insurance policy from our company right now, without leaving your seat. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expat, a born citizen, a retiree over 55, or a young mother – we can find an individual offer for everyone.

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